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Thursday, August 7, 2014


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The good news is that my finger is better.

Sometimes I'll pick something up or bend it just right....maybe I should say wrong...and it will yell at me to stop.  It's not unbearable though and I had stopped wrapping it a couple of days before going to the specialist.  The specialist agreed that it was fine and said that I may still have some soreness for awhile.  Of course, she brought up the soreness after she twisted, pinched and pulled on it so much that it would have hurt even if nothing had ever happened. 

The bad news is that my car is still fixed WRONG! 

I took the car back in today so they could fix it right, but after waiting for over an hour they "invited" me into the garage area to show me "something".  The something  they wanted me to see was that the front bumper was on and looked good, but it didn't fit with the fender they replaced and the hood still wasn't lined up correctly.

So, they now have to replace the fender that they used to replace the smashed fender. 

I told he guy that there were easier ways for us to become friends and that he didn't have to keep fixing my car wrong just so he could see me again.


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