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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Don't hate me because I'm blonde!

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I got a haircut today. I was sitting in the lobby waiting for the girl who cuts my hair and there was another girl waiting that kept staring at me. Weird, but I just ignored her. She got called back for her appointment before I did, so I figured that would be the last I ever saw of her. WRONG!

I finally got called back to get my hairwashed, then put into the booth where my hairdresser does her magic. She had just started to cut when I was overcome with this massive need to cough. I swollowed hard and told myself not to cough. Pretty soon it became clear that I wasn't listening to myself so I started thinking, "Just don't cough while she has the scissors close to your head." lol!

I was concentrating on not coughing when I heard a voice behind me say, "Make my hair that color!" lol! I looked into the mirror to see the girl from the lobby and the guy who was fixing her hair standing in the entrance to my hairdresser's workstation. Her hair was wet and she was wearing the little plastic thing they wrap around you to protect your clothes and keep the cut hair off of you. My hairdresser stopped cutting my hair long enough to turn around and talk to them. I took advantage and coughed while I laughed at the poor girl and the guy she had drug out to see my hair.

The girl who cuts my hair explained that this was my natural hair color and I felt really sad for the poor girl when she realized that she wouldn't be going home with hair the same color as mine.

They left and I heard the guy doing her hair explain that yes, he was sure it was my natural hair color because I had been going there for years. lol!

I love being a blonde!


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