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Sunday, August 14, 2011

August QP Challenge at CSD

Download wordart here

The August Quick Page Challenge is underway at Cool Scraps Digital! This month we were given a beautiful kit called Aftermath by Chili Designs to work with. You can download the quickpage I made by clicking on the preview below.

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There are plenty of other free QPs to download and you still have time to join in the fun by making a quickpage of your own. Make sure you check it out!

Almost a quiet day

After spending the morning cleaning and doing other boring stuff like that I decided to make myself a sandwich for lunch. Ususally, I'm pretty good at making sandwichs because they don't involve heating anything up and so the smoke alarm almost never goes off.

I satdown to eat with my drink and a bag of the Cheetos I bought yesterday. I had just taken my first bite of the sandwich and was placing it back on the plate when I saw what I thought was a bug---on my plate.

I did what any normal person would do and panicked! I shoved the plate forward and jumped up so quickly that my chair actually fell over backwards. I thought it was funny that even with all that excitement the bug on my plate never moved.

It never moved because it WAS NOT a bug. It was just one of the little seeds from the Rye bread that I had used to make my sandwich. lol!

Does this mean that I have to add sandwiches to the growing list of things I can't cook?


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