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Thursday, April 10, 2014

If I had magical powers.....

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If I had magical powers, I would turn each and every person responsible for making  the stupid standardized tests that we are forced to give as well as each and every person who thinks it's a good idea to give them into 5 year olds and make them sit in a room taking the test that they think is so much more important than the children themselves.

Then, after they finished the test I would make them sit quietly in their chairs because other classes filled with former self important politicians and money hungry test making company CEOs now turned into 5 year olds aren't finished taking their test yet.

Once everyone is finished, I'll make them continue the rest of the school day as if it is just like any other day and send them home with the knowledge that they will have to return to school the next day take another part of the evil test.  Of course, I'll tell them to get a good night's sleep anyway.

After the second day of testing I would turn them all back into the so called adults they had been with their memories of the last two days fully in tact.

This way, hopefully, they will truly understand what is it that they are doing to the children and maybe.....just maybe, their hearts will grow three sizes and they will STOP the madness.

Don't you think that's a great way to use magical powers?


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