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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Introducing Emmi.....

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Several years ago, after one of Sebastian's surgeries I went to visit him at the hospital and met Emmi and her mom.  They had come by to visit Sebastian too.  The first thing I noticed about Emmi was her smile, friendly manner and outgoing personality.  Even if Emmi had been too shy to talk to me it wouldn't have mattered.  I knew that Sebastian loved her and that alone was enough for me.

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The second thing I noticed about Emmi was that she also had Arthrogryposis.  The same condition that Sebastian has.

If I remember the story correctly, Sebastian's mom and Pavielle, Emmi's mom, met through an online support group for parents of children with Arthrogryposis.  After speaking to each other online for awhile and realizing that they lived in the same area the two moms decided to meet at a local park and let the kids have a play date.  When Sebastian first saw Emmi he whispered to his mom, "Her arms look like mine."

For the first time, Sebastian had a friend that "looked" like him and his mother had a friend that understood the things that only another mother of a child with arthrogryposis could understand.  Instant bonds were made, more play dates were held and Sebastian often told me "Emmi stories".

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                                              (Yes, that is a young Sebastian with Emmi!)

I left Sebastian's hospital room a few minutes before Emmi and her mom did that day.  But, I made a stop in the gift store and ended up exiting the hospital after they did.  Once Emmi realized that I was behind them, she smiled and told me bye one more time as she looked over her mother's shoulder.  You see, her mom was carrying her because Emmi wasn't able to walk at all then.  She still only walks with the help of special braces.

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Emmi and her mom live in Colorado now, but they remain an important part of Sebastian's life and that makes them important to me.  I'm hoping it will also make them important to you.

There is a GofundMe page to raise money for a service dog that will help Emmi with her mobility.  They need over $9,000 and as I'm typing this they have raised less than $300 toward that amount.  I'm hoping that together we can help them reach her goal.  It would mean the world to them and could be a life changing event for Emmi.

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I know that times are hard and not everyone can donate, but please donate if you can ~ any amount could make that difference between reaching the goal and not reaching the goal. 

It would also help if you could share the link to Emmi's GoFundMe page with others through your own blogs, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, message boards.....anywhere you can think to share!

Maybe, you even know of a church group or organization that would be willing to help.  Please share with them too!

If you donate and/or share the link, please leave a comment here.  I'll get together some prizes to raffle off to anyone that helps in any way.

Just think of the difference we could make if everyone who reads this donates one dollar and shares the post with someone else that donates one dollar and then they share.....and on and on.....

I know that you guys won't let me...or Emmi down!

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