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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh dear!

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On Saturday I have to attend a garden cooking class as part of the grant we got for our school garden.  Well, I'm not looking forward to it!  You guys already know about my poor cooking skills so I don't have to explain what a complete and total mess this is going to be.

Today, I found out that they expect us to bring our own plate, knife, fork, cup and napkin because it's also about going "green".  I'm all for going "green", but there's a fine line between going "green" and going "crazy"!

I mean, I will be responsible for cooking my own lunch which means that I will leave there very hungry at the end of the day and apparently I'll be carrying dirty dishes when I stop off to buy something I can actually eat on my way home. 

Isn't that cruel and unusual punishment?


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