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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It feels good to be home!

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It feels so good to be in Miami!

I ordered fajitas for dinner and got to see the cute fajita delivery guy. Did you expect any less of me on my first night home? lol!

I had been home for a couple of hours before I announced to OCG that I was headed to the grocery store.

OCG: Why are you going to the grocery store? It's not like you cook and I know you plan on ordering fajitas later because you only sent me 500 texts saying that you would be ordering fajitas as soon as you got back to Miami.

ME: Ummm....duhhh....the cute fajita delivery guy doesn't deliver ice cream! (Men just don't understand!)

OCG: I know you wish he would...

ME: (after staring into space for very good mini daydream!) Oh, that would truly make him the perfect man...

I didn't get to say much of anything else cause I had to duck to keep from getting hit by the magazine that was flying toward me. lol!

I got a new camera for Christmas. It wasn't the "dream camera" I was hoping for, but it's still an upgrade so I'm very happy! I'm even registering for a photography class so I can learn to use it. lol! I'll let you know how that goes.

I also got a pretty good stash of copic markers and I should probably take a class to learn how to use those. Of course, OCGs reaction to seeing those was, "What do you need those for? There's a whole box over there." I tried explaining that these are WAY different from crayola markers, but I'm not sure he got it. LOL!

I am so excited to see that I have so many new followers and that my blog is getting closer and closer to 500 thousand hits. If you aren't a follower now, make sure you are when I finally reach that 500 thousand mark cause I'll have some gift certificates to give away to followers!

Now, I'm really tired and need to get some sleep. Afterall, I've got a long day of doing absolutely nothing tomorrow. LOL!


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