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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Not exactly the best start to my summer!

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So a storm blew through here Saturday night and knocked out the power and......it's still out!

We were already in bed Saturday night when the storm came through and I really must have missed something, because I just didn't think it was all that bad.  When the power went out, I didn't think anything about and figured it would come back on sometime later in the night or the early morning at the latest.  Man, oh man, was I ever wrong!

We got up Sunday morning and  learned that most of Memphis was without power.  I took advantage of the down time to sleep and sleep and then sleep some more.  The day wore on and we still didn't have power and I was completely over the novelty of it all!

When we still didn't have power by Monday afternoon I insisted that we check into a hotel.  That's right.....my inner Princess needs air conditioning!

With the kind of luck I have, I assured OCG that as soon as we checked into the hotel our power would come back on.  I'm not sure if my luck is getting better or worse though because so far no power.

So, we are enjoying life at the Marriott and since there are still about 60 thousand people with no power we may be here for awhile.  I'm kind of ok with that though because we've got a pool and a gym and a bar in the lobby.  LOL!


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