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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't worry, I'm fine, but...

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"Don't worry, I'm fine, but..." Is how I started several phone calls on Sunday afternoon after being hit by another car on the interstate. It's also how I want to start this blog post, because I am fine and surprisingly so is my car (kind of).

I guess that if you have to be in a car accident, you should be in one like I was in. No one was hurt, the guy who hit me was super nice and insured, traffic wasn't messed up too much because we were able to get off the road and the tow truck driver was cute.

You guys have already heard about how much I love my express lanes and how I don't mind paying to use them. Well, on Sunday afternoon I couldn't use the express lanes because they were closed for some reason. Had they been opened I wouldn't have been in the lane I was in and my car would be fine. But then again, I wouldn't have gotten to see the cute tow truck driver and I wouldn't have anything to post about tonight either. So, I guess everything does work out OK in the end. lol!

I was driving north on the interstate when the guy in the lane to my right came over into my lane. He didn't sideswipe me though. It was more like he was trying to make a left hand turn for absolutely no reason at all. He hit my tire. My tire blew out and while it was kind of scary I managed to stay in my lane and not hit anyone else. It happened right before an exit so we were able to get off the road and not cause traffic to back up too much for too long.

The guy couldn't have been nicer. Well, I guess NOT hitting me would have been nicer, but he got out of his car right away and made sure I wasn't hurt. He admitted right away that it was his fault and that saved lots of time when the police arrived. His story was that he was trying to avoid something in the road. However, the only thing I saw in the road was my hubcap as it rolled away after he hit me. lol!

Well, just in case you guys haven't been able to figure it out yet I am so NOT the person you want to be trapped with during an emergency. I tend to make "panic" look calm. If I were in a movie with an emergency scene, I'd be the person they slap in the face to calm down. So, here's how my conversation with the police went.

Police Officer: Can you tell me what happened?
ME: (totally serious) I don't know I didn't see it.
Police Officer: Ummm...weren't you driving?
ME: Yeah. He just hit me. I don't know why.

When I told Orange Croc Guy about this, he said I was lucky they didn't make me walk the line to prove that I wasn't drunk. lol!

The guy's car had to be towed away, but mine didn't. The tow truck driver said he could just put my spare tire on and send me on my way. I was worried about there being damage I just couldn't see, but other than the car really needing to be realigned now it drives ok. I did ask the cute tow truck driver to stay behind as I was driving away just to make sure I didn't have a problem. He was nice enough to do just that, but he wasn't willing to follow me all the way home.

I have to replace the tire and the rim because it took most of the hit and is bent all out of shape. Hopefully, his insurance company will spring for all new rims so I'm not stuck trying to find one that matches the others on the car.

I was a little sore today, but other than that I'm fine and I know how lucky that makes me!


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