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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The rental car...

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I  know you guys are probably tired of hearing about my poor mashed up car, so I thought I would tell you about the rental car I got today.

Yes, it took until today, 4 days after my car got mashed up, to get a rental!  Oh, the joys of being on the losing end of a hit and run...

I got to the car rental place and as I waited for the little hottie behind the counter to get my paperwork ready I told him about my car and why I needed a rental for the next two weeks.  He couldn't help himself---he fell madly in love with me!  It's understandable, I mean, even though I'm old enough to be.....his mother's friend...I'm hot and I have a great personality.

He was so taken by my beauty and grace that he gave me a free upgrade from the "economy" car that the insurance was willing to pay for.  Now, for the next two weeks I'll be driving around in a Nissan Altima.  Road trip, anyone?

Well, as soon as I got the rental, I had to drive to the collision shop that is fixing my car to sign off on some paperwork promising them that I would be coughing up 500 of my hard earned dollars.

That took all of three minutes which was all the time the weather needed to turn on me and start pouring.  Seriously, I mean POURING!!!!! Oh, the joys of living in Florida this time of year...

I consider waiting for the storm to pass, but decide that's a waste of time and make dash out to the car.  I get in, put on the seat belt and push the button to start the car.  The lights come on and I think I'm all good to go so I put the car in reverse.  It started to roll down the incline I was parked on, but I didn't really have control.  I quickly put on the brakes.  Then I tried putting the car in drive to move back into the parking place, but all I did was roll back further.

I guess this is where I should point out that I am a POOR Kindergarten teacher and have never had a push button start car!

I pushed the button to turn the car off with no problem.  I push it to restart the car and the lights come on again.  Once again, I put the car in reverse and roll a little further out of the parking place.  That's right, once again the car wasn't actually on.

At this point I'm sticking half out of the parking space in the pouring rain with a van an another car waiting for me to decide what I'm going to do so they can get out of the parking lot too.

I looked at the driver of the van and though my hands up in the "I give up" way frustrated people do.  I was hoping he would come over to see if he could help me, but it was raining way too hard for that.  He just went around me and the car that was behind him followed.

I sat there and thought about going back into the repair shop and and asking the lady at the desk if she would send one of the guys out to help me get this car started, but it was also raining way too hard for that.

I sat there looked around at where I was parked and at the rain pouring down and thought, "This is not going to end well for me!"  Then I thought, "Well, at least I'm at the place that will be able to fix the car when someone comes along and hits me."

Suddenly, it hits me!  I know what to do!  I pull out my cell phone and call the young hottie at the rental place.

No, seriously, that's what I did!

I tell him that I've pushed the button and all the lights came on , but the car won't actually start.  Without laughing at me, he informs me that I need to put my foot on the brake THEN push the button.

They never show that part on the TV commercials!

He very nicely tells me how to turn the car off too.  Obviously, I had already figured that out or I wouldn't be needing help getting the thing to start.  It was all right though.  He was pretty...he didn't need to be smart.  lol!

And...well, I hope I'm pretty enough that I don't have to be smart either because I need help to start a stupid car.  LOL!

So, what do you think?  Think he's still in love with me?


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