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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The blonde moments just keep coming...

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I have a couple of "Ginger" stories to catch you up on, so pull up a chair and get ready to laugh at me!

First of all, I should tell you that we had a couple of seriously stormy days this past week. Days where it rained so hard at times you couldn't see two feet in front of you.

Guess who got stuck in traffic during one of these downpours? ME!

I stopped at the store on my way home from work Wednesday and apparently half of Miami Beach decided to do the same thing. I tried to keep my cool while waiting in a very slow moving line because I was fresh from my "just be nice" conversation with Sebastian and wanted to be the prettiest girl in Publix.

As I was checking out the rain and wind started up again. It even caused the doors of the store to blow open and several people screamed. I just smiled and thanked my cashier then nicely made my way through the crowd of people waiting by the door for a break in the storm.

I'm telling you that I was so nice to those annoying people who were standing in my way and blocking the exit that not only was I the prettiest girl in Publix ~ I was the prettiest girl in all of Florida!

I get out of the store, into my car and out of the parking garage just to wait in traffic on streets that are starting to flood. As I sat through the same light for the second time because of the traffic it started raining even harder. It rained harder and it was so loud.

I couldn't figure out why it was so loud! Then I took a good look at the car in front of me and noticed ice bouncing off of it. I couldn't believe that someone was throwing ice at that car! I started looking around for the idiot who was out in the rain throwing ice at cars and thinking that no one was going to think they were pretty.

It took several seconds for me to figure out that no one was throwing ice. It was hailing!

On Friday my cell phone froze up so I swung by an AT&T store after school to get some help figuring out what was going on. The guy asked me what my number was and I had to admit that I don't know my number. He asked if it was a new number and I had to admit that I've had it for about eight years or so. He gave me a very strange and confused look before heading off to talk about me with another employee.

I stood there smiling as I watched them talking. Even though I know that they were talking about me I still smiled. I was the prettiest girl in that store!

The guy came back to me and brought his other employee friend with him as a witness. They asked if I could call someone to get my number. I pointed out that my phone wasn't working. They said I could use one of their phones. I asked them how they expected me to know someone else's number when I didn't know my own. They said they couldn't help me and looked like they were ready to call the police so I decided to leave with my broken phone.

My neighbors weren't home and Orange Croc Guy wasn't around so I couldn't ask any of them what my phone number was. I did the only thing I could think of---I went on Facebook and asked for someone to please my number to me so that I could get my phone fixed.

Yes, I'm still getting teased for that one!

However, it worked! Several of my awesome friends sent my number to me and I called AT&T from my home phone. Whatever was wrong with my cell phone had to be fixed in person so I headed back to the store and the employees that seemed to think I was crazy. They didn't look to happy to see me walk back in, but curiosity got the better of them and they asked if I had remembered my number. I presented them with the sticky note paper that I had written it down on.

One of the guys took the paper and my phone and disappeared into the back for about twenty minutes. He finally returned my working phone to me and advised me to learn my number. I was completely over him and the whole broken phone thing and I just wanted to get back home, but I still smiled and thanked him so that he could see how pretty I was.

FYI.....I still don't know my number, but thanks to my friends I've got it written down.


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