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Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh my!

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I ventured out into the real world twice today ~ once by car and once on foot ~ and it so wasn't worth it!

The driving patterns around here are crazy because of construction and repairs that are going on right in front of where I live. That means one entrance into the parking garage and the main walking gate are off limits. UGH! So, everyone ~ pedestrians and drivers (garage users and valet parkers) are using the back entrance. One of the entrances at the back gate is also off limits. Basically, it's all just a big mess!

Some genius has decided that it would be a good idea to add a second security stop after the gate. So, after entering the garage there is a security guard or two or three waiting to stop you. Apparently, they're there to make sure people looking for the valet don't take up spaces in the garage or some such craziness. It looked to me like they were sitting in chairs and talking to their friends and blocking the way so that no one could enter the garage until their conversation was finished. Trust me, I sat and waited while they finished a conversation and I didn't enjoy the wait!

Walking isn't much better, because there is no place to walk except in the road with the cars. Then, when you go through the garage the security guards tell you to be careful and pick that moment to end their conversation and let the cars go. No pedestrian right of way around here.

I think I'll spend all of Friday inside boiling water since we're still under that boil water advisory. lol!


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