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Friday, April 12, 2013

My love/hate relationship with UPS continues...

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I've ranted before about how much I really, really very strongly dislike UPS.  OCG says it a wonder I ever receive a package that isn't broken and doesn't have the UPS drivers footprints all over it.  lol!  My response is always,"Hey, even that would be better than not getting my packages at all."

I missed a delivery on Thursday and I knew that I would miss it on Friday also, so I called and asked if I could pick the package up and said that it would be wonderful if I could pick it up today.  I was told someone would call me back. 

I get a call back saying my package will be available for pick up between 7 & 7:30 PM in Hialeah.  I drive out to Hialeah, which is a place I never ever go to, only to learn that my package is still out with the driver and he's not expected back until 9PM.  Of course, by that time the customer center will be closed so they can either redeliver it or hold it so that I can drive out there again to pick it up.

I was not a happy camper!

After several phone calls and a few emails I still don't have my package, but within two weeks I"ll be receiving a check from UPS for $25 to reimburse me for the gas I wasted trying to pick up a package that wasn't available when they said it would be.

The company that sent me the package?  Well, I also contacted them to let them know that I didn't have the package and I wouldn't be receiving the package because UPS sucks and that they are now losing a customer and they can thank UPS for that. They're duplicating my order and sending it out using another carrier.

UPS could learn a few things about customer service from.....well, lets be honest.....ANYONE ANYWHERE could teach UPS a few things about customer service.  They stink!


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