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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Story of Me part 28

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December 19, 1996

Mary held Harmony’s hand as they walked through the mall to finish up the Christmas shopping. The girls were looking for some new shirts for gene and Harmony wanted to buy something for her friend, Leo.

Leo Lewis had become Harmony’s best friend on the first day of school back in September and Mary had marveled at the change this friendship had made in the shy little girl. While Leo was a little rough around the edges he was totally devoted to Harmony. It was cute and fun to see such a close friendship between the two children.

“Leo likes blue. Can we buy him something blue? Should we get him toys or clothes?” Harmony asked each question without pausing for an answer.

“Harmony, slow down. Let’s find some new shirts for Gene and then we’ll shop for Leo. Maybe we can get him a new shirt and a toy.”

“Two presents?” The little girl exclaimed as she skipped a few feet in front of Mary. “Two presents for Leo!”

Mary smiled at seeing the little girl so excited. She knew Leo lived in a group home and knew he wouldn’t be receiving much for Christmas other than the gifts from Harmony. She was proud of Harmony for wanting to help make the little boys Christmas special. She didn’t understand that it was Leo who was making Christmas special for Harmony. Leo who had made every day special for Harmony since the day he became her first real friend.


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