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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School has officially started!

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I know the first day of school was last week, but it didn't seem official until I walked into the building this morning and the air conditioning was out.

The teacher in the room next to me was excited about coming to school today because she hasn't has power at her house since Sunday. I guess Isaac didn't like her neighborhood very much. lol! She got over that excitement as soon as she realized that she had just moved from one place with no AC to another.

My principal was in our building this morning blowing air out of his mouth in a very bad attempt to cool the place down for us. I let him know that he was just making it worse cause he's full of hot air and he needed to stop.

It's a good thing he gets my sense of humor!

The kids couldn't stop talking about the "hairy-cane" we had no matter how many times I tried to explain that Isaac wasn't a hurricane. The best reply I got was, "I don't know how you missed it cause we had a hairy-cane." lol!


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