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Saturday, August 5, 2017

I'm so good that.....

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OK, it's been a long tiring week!

I've got another "Ginger" story that I should catch you up on though.  I checked the mail box one day recently and found an interesting looking envelope addressed to me.  I opened it up and saw a couple pictures of the rental car we took to Gatlinburg over the fourth of July.  I was a little confused!

Then I realized that it was a speeding ticket!  That's right one of those stupid helicopters that fly around around checking for speeders caught our rental car going 12 miles over the speed limit and I got a ticket.

One of the pictures was of the whole car on the road and the other was a close up of the tag number.

Now, here's the best part.....I wasn't even driving!  The date and time were on the photos and OCG was driving!  I promise he was!

They used the pictures to trace the tag back to the rental company who let them know that I had rented the car  (The only reason the rental was in my name was that I was the one who was available to pick the car up before we left) and they sent me a speeding ticket in the mail. 

That's right people, I'm so good that I can get a speeding ticket when I'm not even driving!

FYI.....OCG owes me $50!


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