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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today felt like a Monday

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As much as I love my long weekends, the first day back at school is always a long one. My started when I got to school and checked my email. I learned that I have to go to a meeting tomorrow at 1:00. It's the long boring one where they talk to us about bloodborne pathogens. They make us go every single year and they say the very same thing every single year. BORING!

I got a note this morning from a parent letting me know that she is still trying to locate her mother in Haiti. That made me really sad because so much time has passed since the earthquake. I spoke to her after school and asked if she had gotten any news. She said that she still hasn't spoken to or heard from her mother, but that she did get word from someone else that her mother had been seen and was alive. I hope it's true and I really hope she gets to talk to her soon.

There was good news today---our faculty meeting was canceled. LOL! I also got to go out to dinner with my friends tonight. That's always fun!

I'm off to get some sleep now. Enjoy your day and don't forget to look for me at digifree!


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