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Friday, February 15, 2013

How was your Valentine's Day?

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I spent my Valentine's Day trapped in a classroom with 18 kindergarten students and no air conditioning.  That means I arrived home after work hot, tired, cranky and in need of a cool shower, a cold drink and a nap.

Orange Croc Guy called to wake me up and say that I had three choices for dinner....

1. I could cook for him   
2. He could cook for me   
3. We could order fajitas

I immediately asked if option number 1 was a joke and he confirmed that it was which made me happy cause I really didn't want to stop talking to him and risk burning down my building all on the same day.

I also ruled out ordering fajitas which shocked OCG until I explained my reason.  You see, the last time we ordered fajitas the cute fajita delivery guy didn't bring them some girl did and if that happened again then Valentine's Day would be forever ruined.....not to mention the wasted make up.

OCG cooked steaks.


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