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Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's all good!!!

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I got back home last night and crashed! I was really tired, so I still have lots of emails to answer. I promise I'm not ignoring anyone.

Let me give you the good news first!!!!
The cute fajita delivery guy didn't quit after all!!!!

This evening I was going out to dinner with Orange Croc Guy and my neighbors. It was around 7:30 and we were walking because that's how we roll. lol! As we approached the pedestrian gate to exit the property guess who was walking in?!?! That's right! Cute fajita delivery guy!!!

Now, I know that we were in a crowded area surrounded by people who were coming and going in all directions, but when I look back and remember it now it felt more like we were all alone in a field of wildflowers running in slow motion towards each other.

As soon as I saw him I stopped, made sure it was really him walking toward me then said, "You're here."

Now, my neighbor was standing behind him and he couldn't see her checking out his rear end and giving me a thumbs up while Orange Croc Guy and her husband stood behind her checking their watches and pretending they didn't know any of us.

Cute fajita delivery guy smiled at me and said, "hey, I haven't seen you in a while."

ME: Some strange delivery guy said you quit.

CFDG: (seemed confused at first) No, I didn't quit...oh, there was another guy who did quit and I had to change my schedule for awhile while they trained another driver.

ME: So, do you promise that the next time I order fajitas you'll deliver them.

CFDG: Of course, you're my favorite customer.

ME: Ok, I'll see you soon!

CFDG: (flashing that beautiful smile of his) Looking forward to it.

Then as CFDG started to walk away, his arm brushed against mine! We were outside and there was plenty of room so he must have brushed against me on purpose!!! (Do I sound like I'm 12?)

My neighbor gave me a high five, her husband rolled his eyes and OCG said, "I can't take you anywhere."

We walked about 10 steps with the guys a few feet in front of us before I got a stone caught in my sandal and called for everyone to wait a minute. OCG immediately turned around and said, "We are not going back so that you can order fajitas!" I acted all offended by that comment as I said, "Dude, I just need to get a rock out of my shoe." After he turned back around, I whispered to my neighbor, "We are so ordering fajitas tomorrow!" She agreed 100%! lol!

Now here's the bad news:
My summer vacation is over!

I have to go back to school on Tuesday. Where has the summer gone and why did it go so quickly?!?!

Ok, I've got to get some sleep now. Enjoy your day!


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