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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank you, Olay Regenerist!

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I don't drink coffee or sodas with caffeine in them. I can't stand the taste of coffee and the caffeine in soft drinks totally messes with my sleep habits. So, I always shower in the morning to wake myself up.

Now, I know that we're all supposed to be Earth conscience, but sometimes in the evenings, a girl just needs a long hot relaxing bath or maybe even another shower. It washes away the dirt and grim from the day and is just so relaxing you gotta love it. I've even been known to soak in the tub until the water gets cold and then drain some of that out to add more hot water. lol!

Well, last night was one of the nights when I needed a relaxing shower. So, I had the water turned up just as hot as I could stand it and I could feel my body relaxing as a result. It was wonderful!

I was so relaxed that it took me a minute or two to realize that my shampoo just wasn't working right. I finally realized that it was because I was washing my hair with my facial cleanser. I kind of freaked out and rinsed the cleanser out of my hair hoping that my hair wouldn't come out with it. lol!

My hair is very fine and thin and has absolutely no curl, but as it dried I noticed that it felt soft and full of body. So, I just had to check myself out in the mirror. Let me tell you...I was having a seriously GOOD hair night! Too bad I was too tired to go out and show it off. lol! I called my neighbor and told her to come over to see my beautiful hair, but she was jealous and wouldn't come.

As I went to bed I got a little worried that my hair might fall out while I was sleeping. Then I started thinking about how horrible that would be if it fell out and never grew back. Or, even worse, what if it fell out and then grew back in some weird color. I don't know how to not be a blonde! Needless to say, I did some serious tossing and turning last night!

I was very relieved this morning to wake up with hair that was still blonde. It was rather rumpled from all the tossing and turning, but it was perfectly moisturized and had fewer visible wrinkles. lol!


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