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Thursday, January 21, 2016

So, how was your day?

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My day was rather interesting.

We had a lady from the district at school walking through the rooms.  When she got to my room I was working with a group of kids while some others were on the computer and others were playing a game of Go Fish to practice adding doubles. 

Of course, there was that "one student" who decided to play and get loud and not do what he was supposed to be doing.  At one point I noticed the district lady had her back turned looking at something so I gave that kid "the face"(Everyone who works with and/or has kids know about "the face"!)

He caught on really fast and went back to work.  I continued on with my group like nothing had happened. 

But then it happened.....after the district lady left , I found a note that she had left on the table.  The note said.....

I love your facial expressions!

Seriously!  I guess she turned back around sooner than I realized.  LOL!

After school, there was a meeting and this lady was talking to us about math stuff and I was sitting beside my my principal.   I was listening to this lady talk and thinking about the note she left and I just couldn't help myself.  I turned to my principal and asked, "Will you write me a reference letter?"
Everyone, including the district lady, heard me and laughed.

I really love my new school!!!

After school I had to stop at the store and since it was Wednesday I decided to give that whole PowerBall thing another try.  I know, I know it's only worth 50 million now.  So, I might have to budget some but I could work with that.

However, win or lose, I cant blame it on the Magic 8 Ball.  I seriously broke that lying thing!


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