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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Really, I like Wisconsin!

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OK, I've never really been to Wisconsin except for maybe once when I was a kid and we drove through a little corner on the southern end of the state on our way to somewhere else. But, I've seen pictures and they all look very pretty and every year some nice people from Wisconsin send postcards for my class.

I've also got some awesome blog followers from Wisconsin and once I even dated a guy from Racine, Wisconsin and.......and.......

OK, maybe that last example wasn't the best one to use cause I was a hot young thing in my twenties and he was a Captain in the Marine Corps and he broke my heart!

But, I know that wasn't Wisconsin's fault or even the Marine Corps. It was his fault and his alone! I was an awesome girlfriend and he was lucky to have me!

I wonder if he still lives in Orlando?......I should look him up......

NO, NO, NO, I will not look him up! It is best to let old boyfriends from Wisconsin....uummm....I mean... just old boyfriends in general.....and sleeping dogs lie!

Sorry, thinking about Wisconsin makes me think about him, but I still love Wisconsin! HONEST!

I just don't love the driver of the black Mercury Cougar with Wisconsin tags that was here in my neighborhood.

I know people from Wisconsin deserve vacations and we're happy that you visit south Florida when you could go anywhere in the world.

Seriously, you could go anywhere....and yet you come here... where we already have enough traffic. But we're glad you do. Honest!

Really, I love tourists from Wisconsin! I just love them a little more when they walk or take taxis or take their foot off the brake and drive the speed limit.....and well, you know, when they weren't Captains in the Marine Corps who broke my heart for no good reason!

Now, that I've thought about the black Mercury Cougar and ex boyfriends from Wisconsin I'm going to go eat some chocolate and cry myself to sleep.

For those of you that missed my original post about the black Mercury Cougar and are wondering why I was upset you can read it here.


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