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Monday, April 8, 2013

Things are better!

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They showed up Friday morning to fix the AC in my class!  I told them to leave it in high and when they asked why I wanted to be that cold I told them, "If it's on my body and it's possible to freeze it off, I want to do it!"

I was out and about Saturday when this dog came up to me and just kind of leaned against me and stopped.  I looked down at her and said, "Well, hello there."

About that time the dogs owner called out, "Come on, old lady, you don't have to say hi to everyone."

I very quickly and very loudly responded, "HEY!" in a tone that let him know I didn't appreciate being called an old lady.

He quickly explained that the dog's name is Lady and they often call her "Old Lady" because she is 19 years old.  He then told me that made her something like 91 in dog years.

Old Lady had been a rescue dog who was abused by the people who had her before.  They got her and took her home thinking she wouldn't live much longer.  They wanted her to be loved during whatever time she had left. 

That was nine years ago.

You go, Old Lady!


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