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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I tried not to be boring today

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I tried not to be boring today, but I'm not sure I succeeded. LOL! It was hard to sleep last night because a bad lightning storm came through and I hate lightning storms. I couldn't really hear the thunder because the storm windows pretty much block the sound, but even with the blinds closed and curtains the room was lighting up from the lightning. I know---I'm a baby!

When I got on the wii fit today I finally changed the Super Hula Hoop from 6 minutes to 10. I hate the super Hula Hoop so that's a big deal. I even earned 4 stars! YEA!

I managed to bake some cookies today without setting off any smoke alarms. OK, so they were the Nestles that you only have to break apart and bake, but I still did it all by myself!

I walked to the post office and mailed a package. Then I came home and rested up from all the exciting things I did today. LOL!

I'll probably still be resting tomorrow too. LOL! Now I'm going to get some sleep. Enjoy your day!


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