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Monday, June 30, 2014

My GoFundMe page!

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OK, here I am begging again!  lol!

For the last couple of years I've begged for new furniture in my class.  My principal is supportive of the things I want, but there just is no money in the budget.

I've started a GoFundMe page to try and raise money for new furniture and supplies for my class.  I promise that any and all money raised will go to my class.  I'll even update you guys on how things are going and what I've been able to purchase and I'll even make you guys honorary students if you'll help me out.

I wish I could say that I never ask for anything, but that would be a lie.  I'm always asking you guys for favors.  lol! This is another project that is really important to me and the kids in my class will benefit more than you can imagine.

 Please donate anything you can  and share the page with anyone and everyone that you think may pitch in and help too.  Small amounts add up and can make a big difference!

As a thank you for sharing the information, I'm going to give away one $25 gift certificate to Sweet & Sassy Stamps.  All you have to do to get in the drawing is share my GoFundMe page and info on your blog/Facebook/twitter/email etc. asking people to help me out.  Then leave a comment here with the link.  Next weekend, I'll draw a name and the lucky winner gets the $25 gift certificate.

If I'm able to reach my fund raising goal I'll be back with more GC drawings!

Remember, it's isn't the amount you donate that matters.  It's the fact that you cared enough to help out my class and students.

Love you guys!



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