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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


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Apparently, I won't be having the birthday celebration I thought I would be having and it's all Michael Jordan and Batman's fault. Seriously!

Around 10:30 this morning I realized I had three missed calls from Orange Croc Guy. I tried calling him, but his phone went straight to voicemail. A little over an hour later, while my class was at lunch I call him again.

He answers the phone sounding very strange, but laughing as he tells me he's at the hospital with a broken leg. He proceeds to tell me that while he was working out at the gym with my neighbor this morning they get bored and decide to go outside to play basketball. They were bored with normal, all-american basketball, too. So.......they decided to change it up and play "NBA stars versus Super Heros"

I promise I'm not making this up!

I also promise that OCG and my neighbor are fully grown men and not the 12 years olds they were channeling on the basketball court.

The more OCG tried to explain what they were doing and what happened the more confused I became and at one point I even insisted that he put John on the phone. I thought it was some kind of joke because he was laughing. Turns out, he was just enjoying the pain medication they gave him.

John confirmed that they were indeed at the hospital and that Michael Jordan had beaten Batman in the basketball game.....John also claims that he was NOT on pain medication. I'm still not so sure about that!

Michael Jordan (John) accidently came down on Batman's (OCG) knee after making a shot and while Batman (OCG) was doing some sort of batman-y thing in an attempt stop him from scoring. It didn't work! So, Michael Jordan won the game and the broken leg is actually a broken kneecap. OUCH!

I'm home now, but OCG is still at the hospital resting the knee that he's not supposed to move, enjoying his pain medication and waiting to hear from the specialist tomorrow. It looks like the man is headed toward surgery.

I feel really bad for the guy, but they were being stupid and we were supposed to be on a plane to Georgia Thursday night. My birthday is Tuesday and now instead of being in Savannah, I'll be playing nurse to a grown man who thinks he's Batman.

I'm having a really hard time deciding if I should laugh or cry.


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