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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Afternoon Delight Blog Train!

Download Wordart Here

It's time for another great blog train from the girls at Stuff to Scrap! This month's theme is Afternoon Delight and the colors are awesome. You're going to be busy downloading some awesome kits from some great blogs, so I'll get right down to business.

Here are the previews for what you're getting at this stop on the train. I've got a mini kit for you with 9 papers, 10 elements and an alphabet. I also made a quick page and a candy bar wrapper using my kit and a QP using Deanna's kit for you. The download links are below the previews.

Download alphabet here
Download elements here
Download papers here

Download QP here

Here's the candy bar wrapper I made. I thought this would be cute to use for inviting the girls out to lunch.

Download candy bar wrapper here

Here is a preview of what you'll pick up on Deanna's blog...

And here is the QP I made with her kit...

Download QP here
You can download the word art I used on this layout here

Nita made a cute quick page for you using my kit and you can pick it up at her blog.

Now, here are all the links for all the other stops on the blog train. If someone doesn't have their portion posted yet, please visit them later. We are all in different time zones.

Digi-designs by Nicole
Life Is Not a Cereal
Stuff To Scrap
Becky aka SAHM Scrapper
Scraps N Pieces
Grandmas Templates
Desertgirl Designs
Shel Belle Scraps
Tonisha's Playground
Ginger's House---YOU ARE HERE
Ányi + a digitális scrapbooking
Seal Scraps
Craft With Me
Midnight Scrapping
Tricia's Treasures
Always Be Neighbors Designs
Jensen Motley Crew Designs
Dream Big Designs
a thousand words by Brooke
Adriana's Cafe
Digi-Scrapz by Christi
The Scrappy Kat
moms unique possibilities
Chubby Bird Blog
This Little Missy
Saphira's Scrapdesign
A valóság tükre (Osli's blog)
StashHappy Designs
light's digiscrapworld
Citygurl Creations
Lovin' My Scrappy Life
The Latest Scoop, Too
Let Me Scrapbook!
Little Red Scraps
Mad Genius Designs

Have fun downloading all your goodies and look for me at digifree!

Fairy Land

Download wordart here

April is my hero! She finished her Fairy Land kit and I love, love, love it! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to come home today and find this kit waiting for me. April made my day! Take a look at this preview...

Not all of the elements are shown in the preview. The kit is in April's Scrap it Sassy store and April is going to have a QP for you on her blog soon. I made a QP too and your download link is below the picture.

Download QP here

It's my bedtime. Enjoy your day and look for me at digifree!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Haunted Halloween Quick Page!

Download wordart here

The kids in my class are already getting excited about Halloween! They've started talking about it like it's just a day or two away. The poor kids don't realize that they've still got a whole month to wait!

You don't have to wait for your goodies though! Today you're getting a Quick page I made using the Haunted Halloween Kit by Shel Belle Scraps.

You can get the kit at Stuff to Scrap for only $3.99. Trust me when I tell you that it is worth having! This kit has 6 glitter alphas, (I love glitter!) 39 elements and 15 papers. Take a look at the preview...

If you love worn papers you can also purchase this great add on on $1.99

Now, here's the layout I made and saved as a quick page for you. Your download link is below the picture.

Download QP here

Check out Shel's blog to find out about the other quick pages you can pick up and make sure you look for me at digifree!

Monday, September 28, 2009

October Road

Download wordart here

Oh boy are you in for a treat this week! Flower Scraps, Growing Pains Scrapped & The Scrappy Kat have teamed up to make a beautiful fall kit called October Road. You'll be able to pick up parts of the kit all long from their blogs and on Friday we'll have a mini brag book page blog train. Isn't that awesome?!?! Check out these kit previews...

I fell in love with this kit right away! Here's one layout I made with the kit...

Now, you need to go pick up today's part of the kits and I need to go to bed. Enjoy your day and look for me at digifree!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh my goodness!

Download wordart here

I just finished the first day of the 30 day challenge on the wii active and oh my goodness! What a workout! You can pick either a low, moderate or high intensity workout and I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't have picked the high intensity. LOL!

Tomorrow is a teacher workday so I can sleep in a little later. YIPPEE! Having no kids at school is almost as good as having the day off. I'm going to spend the day trying to find my desk under the pile of stuff that I've thrown on top of it.

This is going to be a great week for scrappers and/or people who use graphics for their crafts. Tomorrow Flower scraps, Growing Pains Scrapped and The Scrappy Kat are releasing the first part of a great collab kit called October Road. You'll be able to pick up the different parts of the kit on their blogs all week and on Friday we'll be having a mini brag book page blog train using the kit.

On Tuesday you'll be able to pick up some awesome quick pages made with the Haunted Halloween Kit by Shel Belle Scraps.

Thursday will be the first of October and that means another Stuff to Scrap Blog Train! The October theme is Afternoon Delight and you are going to love everything that you'll pick up at all the blog stops!

April has been working on a fairy kit and I've seen some of what she has done and I am telling you it is the best! I've got my fingers crossed and I'm wishing for her to release that kit this week too. (Hint, hint, April) LOL!

I've got some things to take care of before I get ready to watch The Amazing Race. I'll come back later and show you a layout I made with the October Road kit. In the mean time, look for me at digifree!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Download wordart here

Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm such a bad teacher!

Download wordart here

We had our Johnny Appleseed celebration today and I went to school with a camera battery that wasn't charged. So, that's one fun day that won't be in my kids end of year memory books. The worst part is that they kept asking me where the camera was. Those poor kiddos are so used to having their pictures taken they didn't know how to act when there wasn't a camera around.

I know that I've talked about the kit Rainbow Sherbert by Scrapping Rainbow Designs before, but I wanted to show it to you again...

I just love this kit! You can get it at Stuff to Scrap.

Someone asked me today what my plans were for the weekend and my answer was-----sleep! LOL! I haven't felt to great this week and I am so looking forward to staying in bed most of the day tomorrow. LOL!

I'm heading to bed now! Enjoy your day and look for me at digifree!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm tired!

Download wordart here

I really think that someone snuck some extra days into this week when I wasn't looking and it isn't funny! This feels like the never ending week. LOL!

Tomorrow we're celebrating Johnny Appleseed. That means more play then work and that's always exhausting! Exhausting, but fun! LOL! Now, let's just hope I remember to stop at the store in the morning to pick up the rest of the things I need.

Earlier in the week we had our 2nd Zero the Hero day and guess who forgot to pick up some zero shaped snacks. Luckily, I still have a box of Fruit Loops from the 10th day of school and I used that. Thank goodness the Fruit Loops were buy one get one free that day! Now, my kids think that Zero the Hero is going to come and leave them cereal every 10 days. I'll Make it up to them on the 30th day of school---if it ever gets here! LOL!

April sent us some great postcards from Texas today. They had some great pictures of Dallas and Fort Worth. The kids loved the Texas Longhorn...I loved the cowboys. LOL!

Something exciting did happen today. My blog now has over 100,000 hits! I remember being excited when I got the 100th hit. LOL!

Are you getting ready for Halloween? Shel Belle Scraps put a great kit in her Stuff to Scrap store today called Haunted Halloween. The kit has 15 papers, 39 elements and 6 alphas! Check it out...

There's also a set of worn papers that go with the kit...

A couple of us will be making some quick page freebies for you and you'll be able to pick those up next week. Right now Haunted Halloween is on sale for 30% off so don't miss it!

I've got to go get some sleep now. Enjoy your day and look for me at digifree!


Download wordart here

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The longest week ever!

Download wordart here

Why does it feel like it should already be Friday? And why isn't it Friday yet? LOL!

We got a great postcard today from The Blockers of Texas. They sent us a card from their trip to Mount Rushmore. When I held the card up and said that we had received another one, they probably heard my class cheering at Mount Rushmore. LOL! Thank you so much for the great card!

It's not too late to send a postcard to us, we'll be collecting them all year! Here's our address again...

Ms. Brown's Class
Greynolds Park Elementary
1536 N.E. 179th Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Did you remember to vote for Flowerscraps today? If you haven't voted yet, please do! Just click here to vote then go to Deanna's blog to pick up an add-on freebie to her SAS-Y Round 3 kit.

While you're at Deanna's blog make sure you pick up the elements for the It's My Party kit. You don't want to miss those!

I've got another QP for you that was made with It's My Party. I just love this Kit! Your download link is below the picture.

Download QP here

Don't forget to check out the great 30% off sale that's going on at Stuff to Scrap!

It's way past my bedtime so I'm going to get some sleep. Enjoy your day and look for me at digifree!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I survived another Monday!

Download wordart here

Apparently, everyone in my class has the same cold. I had three students absent today and everyone else was coughing and sneezing. This should be a fun week. At least we've got a three day weekend coming up. Now, if I can only make it to Friday....LOL!

Did you drop by Deanna's blog to pick up the first part of the It's My Party Kit? Today you can pick up the rest of the papers. I wanted to share a layout I made using this totally cute kit. I turned it into a QP for you and the download link is below the picture.

Download QP here

Don't forget to go by Stone Accents Studio to vote for Deanna (Flowerscraps) today!

I have to go get some sleep before the cold medicine wears off. Enjoy your day and look for me at digifree!

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's My Party

Download wordart here

Ok, so I guess the cold medicine wore off because I woke up, but that's OK because I remembered that I needed to tell you about the cute kit that Deanna is releasing today called It's My Party. Take a look at this preview...

Aren't the colors great?!? It's perfect for little boy or little girl layouts. You can even use it for some big girl layouts too. LOL! Make sure you head over to Deanna's blog to check out the kit and come back here tomorrow for a quick page I made with the kit.

You should also remember to go by Deanna's Stuff to Scrap store before the month is over. She still has her wonderful "Buy My Store" sale going on, but once September ends so does the sale.

Deanna has really been busy this week! On top of giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, she has gotten her round 3 submission in the SAS-Y contest posted. Just look at what she has made this round...

Don't you just love it! You can get Deanna's mini kit for free at Stone Accents Studio and PLEASE visit SAS on Tuesday when this weeks voting starts and remember to VOTE FOR FLOWERSCRAPS!!!

I'm going back to bed now. Enjoy your day and look for me at digifree!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The first cold of the school year

Download wordart here

Well, I haven't had a fun weekend at all! It has either rained or been cloudy and overcast outside all weekend. Then, as if that weren't enough to ruin my weekend I've been fighting off my first cold of the school year. I love teaching Kindergarten, but I hate the colds that come with it at the beginning of every school year. LOL!

I did take some time today to make a layout for the Use It or Lose It Challenge at Stuff to Scrap. If you haven't checked out the fun challenges in the forum there you really should! For this challenge we got a super cute mini kit from Mad Genius Designs and had to use everything in the kit on our layout. Here's the layout I made...

It's so much fun to see how everyone used the kit in their layouts! They are all so different and beautiful.

You can still get the mini kit for free at Stuff to Scrap and join the challenge. You've got until the end of the month!

The cold medicine I took has kicked in and so I'm going to bed now. Enjoy your day and look for me at digifree!


Download wordart here

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's my blogoversary!

Download wordart here

One year ago today I decided to start a blog. I wasn't sure why I wanted to start one or what I would put on it, but I started it anyway. Now, here we are almost 98,000 blog hits and over 64,000 down loads later and I am so glad that I did!

I have enjoyed coming here everyday and sharing little parts of my life. I am forever grateful for the encouragement and kind words you have given to me.

I've got a little party scatter for you as a blogoversary gift from me to you. I hope you can use it. The download link is under the picture.

Download scatter here

I can't wait to see what the next year brings! Enjoy your day and look for me on digifree!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Cherry on Top

Download wordart here

Nicole of Digi-Designs by Nicole has got the cutest kit called A Cherry on Top that you have just got to check out! Take a look at this preview...

The kit has a full alphabet, 13 papers and 37 elements. The colors are awesome and will be perfect to scrap those pictures you've got of your family acting goofy and making faces. You know the pictures I'm talking about! LOL! I think the bright colors of this kit will also be great to use in a layout with a black and white photo.

The kit is on sell now at Nicole's Stuff to Scrap store and that means you can pick it up for only $2.79. That's a real bargain!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Creepy Crawlie Stuff!

Download wordart here

April has added more papers to her Creepy Crawlie kit. They are pretty awesome! The Creepy Crawlie Kit is huge! It's also split up into small parts so that you can buy only the parts you need. Make sure you check the kit out in April's store at Scrap it Sassy.

I played with the blue papers April made and came up with another QP for you. I know blue isn't one of the main colors you think of when you think of Halloween, but it's my favorite color so it works for me. LOL! Plus, these blue papers are super cute! Your download link is below the preview.

Download QP here

We received a great post card from New Mexico today. The picture on the card was of the White Sands Desert and was beautiful! I'm not sure who sent the card, but thank you so much! These cards are all so pretty and we are having a ball looking for all the different places on the map!

Remember when I said that my street was flooded a couple of days ago? Well, it's been flooded every morning since then too. It's not rain water, it's sea water from some extra high tides we've been having. They say it's because of the new moon. Isn't that crazy?

A couple of days ago we had a student at a local high school get killed on campus. He was 17 and was stabbed during a fight. Today, police arrested several students from different schools all over the county for having weapons on campus.

We live in such a scary world!

I'm going to sleep now. Enjoy your day and look for me on digifree

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Download wordart here

Wow, what a long day I've had! I'm really sleepy, but wanted to make a quick post to let you know that I pulled out April's Halloween Creepy Crawlie Kit and played with it for a little while tonight. I made a QP for you. The kit is in April's store at Scarp it Sassy and the download link for the QP is below the picture.

Download QP here

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I have a big favor to ask!

Download wordart here

I know I've been asking for lots of favors lately and I'm sorry, but this one was just too important not to ask.

Maybe you've never heard of Robert Lingenfelser, but he is a very important man! Animal Planet has selected Robert as one of 10 finalists from 7,000 nominees for the Animal Planet “Hero of the Year” contest.

He founded the Marine Mammal Conservancy in Key Largo. Without Robert and people like him, there would be no alternative to euthanasia for stranded and injured dolphins and whales. With the help of a team of volunteers who stand ready to help at a moment’s notice, Robert has led MMC to become one of the best marine mammal response organizations in the world. The research MMC provides contributes to scientists’ knowledge about marine mammal species that are not able to be studied on a regular basis. This information is vital to the survival of our oceans. Robert Lingenfelser’s leadership and selfless dedication make these contributions happen. He is a teacher and mentor to the staff and volunteers of MMC that he recruits and trains to make sure that MMC can respond to the needs of marine mammals today and long into the future.

On top of all the wonderful work the MMC does with the animals, they have also reached out to the community. they have come into the schools and talked to our students about their work and the important role animals play in our environment.

The main prize for winning this award is a donation of $10,000 to the animal welfare organization of the winner’s choice. Part of the decision on the winner of the award will be based on the results of People’s Choice voting.

Please go to this site and vote for Robert Lingenfelser . You can vote once a day until September 27.

Where do I begin?!?

Download wordart here

I don't even want to tell you how many hours I spent playing the wii sport resort last night. LOL! I woke up this morning with a sore arm from all the sword fighting. I kicked orange croc guys butt at the sword fighting! Wake boarding----not so much. LOL!

We had so much rain over night that my poor street was almost flooded when I left this morning. If we had gotten a little more rain, maybe I could have stayed home and played on the wii some more. LOL!

Have I told you that I'm having a fairly stressful school year? Well, just to let you know how stressful it is one of my students gave me a jar of Ponds cold cream as a gift today. You know it's bad when a 5 year old boy feels the need to give you wrinkle cream! LOL! Then just to pour salt on my wounds the high school volunteers in my room had no idea what it was and I had to explain to them that it was for wrinkles and they laughed at me! The little boy stood there smiling from ear to ear saying, "Yep, I gived it to her." LOL!

Deanna has made it to the second round of the SAS-Y Lady contest! YIPPEE!!! Here's a preview of the adorable kit she put together for the contest...

Don't you just love it! You can download this free kit here.

While you're at Stone Accent, please vote for Deanna's kit. You can vote here. After you give Deanna your vote, head over to her blog and download a free add on to the BFF Kit.

Now, here's a little more good news where Deanna is concerned. The wonderful Whimsy Flyte Kit is on sell this week!

The kit is in the store at Stuff to Scrap. Deanna's part is here and Scrappy Cocoa's part is here.

I've got another QP for you that I made with Deanna's part of the kit. The wordart isn't on the page so if you want it make sure you download it from the top of this post. The download link for the QP is under the picture.

Download QP here

Now, I'm going to go apply some wrinkle cream and practice my wii wake boarding. LOL!


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