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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunrise at Deering Estate

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OK, I got up way too early and drove way too far, but I think the photos were worth it.  What do you think...

Saturday, March 30, 2013


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OCG had declared that I am the most boring person alive.  I gotta say, that lately, I agree with him.  We head back to school Monday and I have have pretty much slept my spring break away.  It's not my fault that I haven't been feeling well and still have that stupid cough that seems to love me even though I DO NOT love it!

In a moment of weakness (i.e. boredom!) I checked my school email and found the sweetest email from the Guidance Counselor at Sebastian's school.  She wanted me to know that she, as well as everyone else, has fallen in love with him and admire his independence.

I need to email her back, but I haven't yet because every time I think about what to say, I cry.  You see, without knowing a single thing about the school he was going to, I knew that they would educate and protect him.  My biggest hope was that they would appreciate and love him also. 

They do and it makes me so happy that I cry!

I am happy for him because he doesn't have to worry about being left alone or picked on.  I am happy for the new school and the teachers there because they will now get to learn the same life lessons that I was able to learn from Sebastian.

I am also jealous of those teachers because they will get to watch him grow and expand his horizons  even more than I have.

I am grateful that I was able to meet him and that I still have contact with him and his mother.

 I am etremely grateful and just a little bit jealous that he now has Mrs. Tonietti in his life.

Now, I have to dry my eyes and get some sleep because we're going to photograph the sunrise in not too many hours.  lol!

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I'm just saying....

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I am loving Usher and Shakira on the voice!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Two new kits from The Kit Cart!

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The Kit Cart has released two fun kits just in time for Easter! 

Funny Bunny is a fun, bright kit that's great for scrapping Easter and spring pics of your little ones. 

Funny Bunny has 50 elements, 19 papers and an alpha.  Here's a layout I made with Funny Bunny...

The Hop On kit is made up of the pretty Easter colors with a little more orange and brown thrown in.  It has 49 elements, 20 papers and an alpha.  Take a look at the preview...

Here are a couple of layouts I made with Hop On...

Both of these kits are on sale in The Kit Cart store at Gotta Pixel and there's even a free paper pack there for you too!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Feeling better...finally

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Remember when I said I had a cold? Well, it was a little more than that.  I ended up at the doctor office thinking I would have to beg for medication, but as it turned out there was no begging required.

Apparently, half of Miami decided to go to see my doctor on the same day because it was well over an hour after my scheduled appointment before I got called back. I'm not sure who was happier when they finally called my name ~ me or the rude lady sitting on the other end of the waiting room who gave me dirty looks and muttered a nasty, "oh my gosh!" every time I coughed.

After the doctor went through her normal touchy freely check up things, she pointed out that I had a slight fever.  This is where I got excited...

Me: fever? So, that means you can give me drugs and I can stay home from school tomorrow?

Doctor: ( giving me a stern doctor look over the rim of her glasses) It means I'll give you some medicine and you're going home, going to bed and not even thinking of going anywhere until Sunday.

Me: (getting even more excited!) Sunday? I'm supposed to go to a cooking class on Saturday. Are you saying I have to miss that?

Doctor: (Smiling) Is it a couples cooking class?

Me: Worse! It's a vegetarian cooking class.

Doctor: (turning to look at my file on the computer) I didn't know you we're a vegetarian

Me: I'm not. It's for school.

Doctor: (disappointed it wasn't a couples class) Stay home! No one wants you near their food.

Me: That's more true than you can imagine.

I picked up the meds, went home, went to bed, slept through Friday, slept through the cooking class on Saturday and slept through Sunday.

I forced myself out of bed on Monday even though I still felt crummy and went back to school only to learn that the AC in my room was broken. I made it through the whole day, but only lasted half a day on Tuesday.  I forced myself to last all day on Wednesday and Thursday even though I didn't feel good, was cranky and the AC was still out.

I didn't have to work on Friday and we're out all this week on spring break.  I finished off the medicine on Saturday and even though I've still got a cough I feel much better.  It helps that I'm pretty much sleeping all the time. Lol!

Oh, and while I was at the doctor's office, she pointed out that it was this time four years ago that I was in the hospital with pneumonia. I pointed out that some anniversaries shouldn't be celebrated!

AND.... That cooking class I missed wasn't what everyone thought it was going to be!  Even though it was held at a culinary school and we had been told that we would be teamed up with a culinary student to learn recipes and techniques for the foods we're growing in our gardens at school.....that didn't happen!

The girls were bored to death as they spent their Saturday being forced to sit and listen to lectures.  They never even saw a kitchen and even though they were at a culinary school they were given a box with a sandwich that was made of one thin slice of roast beef, one slice of cheese and stale bread.  There was also a packet of mayo, a cookie and an apple in the box.  That's right ~ it was a garden cooking class with no cooking and no vegetables!

Who would have guessed that being sick would make me the lucky one?!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Am Faithful by Two Moose Designs

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If you've been collecting the "I Am" series of kits from Two Moose Designs, you won't want to miss this months installment called I Am Faithful.  In honor of Easter, it is filled with faith based elements and is perfect for scrapping your Easter Sunday photos.  I am Faithful has 48 elements, 16 papers and 2 alphas.  Take a look at the preview...

To make this beautiful kit even better, you can get it while it's on sale at The Studio!  Take a look at a layout I put together using I Am Faithful...

Vroom Vroom by Nibbles Skribbles

Download word art here

Nibbles Skribbles has released an awesome kit for those who loves to play with toy cars or knows someone who does.  It's called Vroom Vroom and it has 45 elements, 14 papers and an alpha.  Take a look at the preview...

To make this kit even better, it's on sale at The Studio!

Here's a layout I made using some photos of Sebastian...

Simplicity Templates by Nibbles Skribbles

Download word art here

Nibbles Skribbles has redone and released these cute Simplicity Templates.  They are great for layouts where you really want the pictures to stand out.

Right now you can get these great templates while they're on sale in the Nibbles Skribbles store at The Studio.

Hello Sunshine by FlowerScraps

Download word art here

I know some of you are still getting snow and I am so sorry!  You must be ready for spring after the winter you've had.  Well, this beautiful kit from Flower Scraps called Hello Sunshine is full of spring things and just may make you forget about the weather outside. 

Hello Sunshine has 66 elements, 20 papers and an alpha.  Here's a layout I made using this gorgeous kit...

Call Me Lucky by The Kit Cart

Download word art here

Ok, I haven't felt very lucky lately because I've been sick and cranky, ut I'll fill you in on that later.  Right now, I am going to once again play catch up with some of the wonderful kits I've been lucky enough to work with.

Check out this fun kit from The Kit Cart called Call Me Lucky...

Call Me Lucky has 62 elements, 1 papers and one alpha.  You can find this kit in the The Kit Cart store at Gotta Pixel.  Here's a layout I made...


Download word art here

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I feel yucky!

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I warned my class last week that if they coughed on me and I got sick I was going to be angry.  Guess what?  They coughed on me....I got sick....I'm angry...my class is laughing at me!

Last night, I took any and everything I could find in my bathroom as well as in my neighbors that said, "night time cold medicine" on the label.  I'm not really sure if I went to sleep or simply fell into unconsciousness, but I was knocked out cold! 

Too bad I didn't feel better when I woke up.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dino Cute by Two Moose Designs

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You guys should be mad at me for forgetting to tell you about Dino Cute by Two Moose Designs!

This cute kit has 49 elements, 14 papers and 2 alphas!  It's also on sale at The Studio!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh dear!

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***Come back tomorrow for the guy version of this word art***

On Saturday I have to attend a garden cooking class as part of the grant we got for our school garden.  Well, I'm not looking forward to it!  You guys already know about my poor cooking skills so I don't have to explain what a complete and total mess this is going to be.

Today, I found out that they expect us to bring our own plate, knife, fork, cup and napkin because it's also about going "green".  I'm all for going "green", but there's a fine line between going "green" and going "crazy"!

I mean, I will be responsible for cooking my own lunch which means that I will leave there very hungry at the end of the day and apparently I'll be carrying dirty dishes when I stop off to buy something I can actually eat on my way home. 

Isn't that cruel and unusual punishment?

Monday, March 11, 2013

I am dreading the sound of the alarm clock!

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OK, I love having it get dark later, but getting used to the time change is going to be rough!  I should be asleep now and I'm not and before you know it the alarm clock is going to go off and I'll be a sad camper!


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