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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The worst summer ever continues!

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They fixed my car.....WRONG!

No, I'm not kidding!

I get a call saying that I can pick up my car at 5:30, so I head north in the afternoon traffic and rain glad that the latest rental has windshield wipers.

I get there return the rental and have the guy at the counter laugh as he asks if I'm sure that I wan to turn it in.  Apparently, everyone in that office loved the Hertz rental story.  lol!

I finished up with the rental return and walk over to the collision area where they make me plunk down $500 before they show me my car. 

After they have my money, the car is brought around and I'm given the keys and walked out to take a look. Now, at this point, it's time for them to close shop and go home so they just want me to get in and drive away.

But, after my third walk around of the car I stop and point out that the bumper doesn't really fit and that the hood isn't lined up correctly.  The poor guy didn't know what to say.  He stumbled around, said the techs were already gone, asked if he could take pictures and promised to get with the techs and insurance guy tomorrow to work out what could be done. 

I told him to take the pictures and made him write on my receipt that here were problems that still needed to be addressed.  I apologized for being a pain, but pointed out that I was going through all of this while the person who caused my problems was walking around with no repercussions at all and the car had lost lots of resale value because of it.

He said he understood as he ran inside to get his camera as I opened the door to check out the inside.  Now, there was no actual damage done to the car door.....other than the fact that it couldn't be opened because of everything being pushed up and back into it.  Well.....

Apparently, something somewhere is no longer connected because the button to adjust the side mirrors and the button o open the trunk aren't working. 

I am so not impressed!

But, hey, the car is now drivable and it has windshield wipers so I brought it home with the promise of parts being ordered tomorrow.

I know the guy said he was going to call the insurance company tomorrow, but I called and left a message tonight. 


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