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Thursday, June 26, 2014

My friends are weird!

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So, a couple of my friends have decided to head down to the beach every morning and walk along the boardwalk for exercise and gossip time. They try to get me to join them, but I usually wake up long after they're back and greet them with...

"Hey, did you guys go walking yet?  Oh, you did.  Bummer!  Well, do you want to go get some lunch or ice cream or a margarita or, you know,  maybe all three?"

They think I'm just making fun of them and maybe I am, but I still want lunch and ice cream and a margarita!

One of those weirdo friends of mine decided to buy all of us one of those fitbit bracelets.  She thought it would motivate everyone with a little friendly competition.  I told her it was a thoughtful gift, but that since I usually miss their morning walks I felt guilty accepting it and would like to repay her the money she spent.

She laughed and said,   "You know, Ginger, you could just do what we do and set your alarm clock to go off each morning."

My response? -----

"You people are freaks!"

Anyway, she refused to take back the "gift" and to take the money I offered, so I'm stuck wearing this thing until she moves on to another hobby.  So far the most exercise I've gotten is trying to get the stupid thing on.  It wasn't as easy as the directions said it would be!


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