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Friday, October 14, 2011

Who wants to go shopping?!?!

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The Story of Me part 10

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August 1, 1989

There was a store bought birthday cake sitting on the table and the baby sitting in the high chair laughed as she tried to reach for it. Pat rushed over and moved it further away to insure it would still be in one piece when it was time to light the single candle. “You can’t have any cake yet. We’re still waiting for our guest to arrive.”

“I don’t understand why we’re going through with this. She’s only one year old. She’s never going to remember any of this.”

Pat looked up from the laughing baby and admonished Clara. “We’ll remember. We’ll remember and we’ll tell her about it and we’ll show her pictures. Every little girl, especially this one, deserves a birthday.”

Clara smiled the fake smile she had become an expert at flashing and sat down on the sofa without saying anything else.

Pat stood and walked over so that she could see Clara. “What time did you tell Mortimer to come over?”

“I suppose he should be getting here any time now.” Pat said as she picked up a magazine and pretended to read.

“He’s a nice fellow.”

“I suppose so.”

“He’s sweet on you, you know.”

“I suppose he is.”

There was a knock on the door and Clara rolled her eyes as Pat’s lit up with excitement. “He’s here. Don’t keep him waiting. Go open the door.”

Clara forced herself to smile as she walked over and opened the door to Mortimer who was carrying a stuffed teddy bear that was twice the size of the baby.

“Oh my goodness, Harmony, look what Mr. Mortimer brought for you? Isn’t it just the cutest thing?” Pat said rushing over to the table.

The next hour belonged to the baby. A candle was lit and blown out by the three adults. A very out of tune version of Happy Birthday was sung and pictures were taken. Mortimer and Pat were having fun and Clara pretended she was. After the cake had been eaten and the table cleared the baby was put down for a nap. The adults sat on the front porch drinking coffee and talking. Eventually Pat excused herself and went inside leaving Mortimer and Clara on their own.

“That party wore me out. I think I’ll go in and take a nap myself. You two stay out here as long as you like. There’s more coffee in the kitchen if you want it. Just help yourselves.”

Clara waited until she heard Pat close the door and walk away before saying anything to Mortimer. “I have to be leaving soon myself. I’ve got a meeting I need to get to.”

Mortimer rocked back and forth in his chair as he smiled. “That was a really nice little party you gave for your granddaughter. Thank you for inviting me.”

“You’re welcome. Of course, it was mostly Pat’s idea.”

“Well, make sure you tell her I said thanks.”

“I will.” Clara answered without looking at him.

“You know I could benefit from attending a meeting myself tonight. Would you mind if I came with you.”

“It’s a free world. I reckon you can come if you want to.”

“Well, thank you, Clara. I would like that.”

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