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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Hallow's Eve QP

Download wordart here

Come back tomorrow for the country girl version of this wordart

This week at school our reading series is covering the letter "B". We talked about how no one in our class has a first name that starts with B, but that Ahmed and I both have last names that do. He was excited about sharing that honor with me and said, "That's right! Only us!" Then he looked at me very seriously and asked, "But, Ms. Brown, what is your last name?" I told him that my last name was Brown. He looked very doubtful and said, "So you're Ms. Brown Brown?" LOL! I don't think he figured how why I laughed so hard. LOL!

I've got the second Hallow's Eve QP ready for you. April also posted a great QP for you on her blog the other day. Make sure you pick that one up too and don't forget about her 50% off sale!

Your download link is below the picture

Download QP here

I'm heading off to bed now. Enjoy your day and look for me at digifree!


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