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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Neon Mueum

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One of the things we had on our lit of things to do in Vegas was a visit to The Neon Museum.  It's a really neat place and they tell you a lot of the history of the signs.

You aren't allowed to wander around on your own.  You have to stay with the group and the tour guide yells at you if you move where she can't see you.  Seriously!

The only real problem I had with the place was that between the tour guide posting herself in front of the signs you were looking at and the other people in the tour group blocking your shots it was really hard to take any pictures. 

I swear there was one guy there wearing a purple shirt who watched people set up their shots and then walked into the photo and took pictures of his own.  I'm not kidding!

The next time you're there, beware of nerdy guys in purple t-shirts!

I managed to get a few shots I like...without having the tour guide yell at me...too much. LOL!


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