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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Men are too funny!

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Orange Croc Guy shows up tonight and says he needs his emergency key. I laugh at him for locking himself out as he safely tucks the key away in his pocket. The next thing I know he is laughing and saying, "I got you! I got you!"

Turns out he finally found and reclaimed the last high score on his wii games. Honestly, I had forgotten all about that! I really didn't know he was still trying to reclaim his number one spot. LOL!

So, he reclaimed his spot and got his emergency key to keep me from going back in and messing with his games again. Well, I couldn't mess with his games so I decided to mess with him!

ME: Ok, big deal, you've got your key. Would you also like the copies I made of it?
OCG: Copies? You made copies? Like, more then one...of my house key?
ME: Have you forgotten that the very first words I ever said to you were, "I promise I'm not stalking you."?
OCG: You've got to be kidding. You wouldn't really make copies would you?
ME: It's like Two and a Half Men except you live alone, this isn't Malibu and my name isn't Rose.
OCG: I think I'll just change the locks.
ME: Well, that would slow me down a little, but it won't stop me. You'll probably be better off if you just move.
OCG: Don't think I won't! I will! I'll move!
ME: I'll miss you.

LOL! I couldn't stop laughing at him! He was so worked up I think he probably would have moved and he probably would have done it in the middle of the night without telling anyone.

He finally calmed down, forgot all about his wii games and returned his emergency key to my drawer. This means that I'm free to mess with his games again. When he least expects it....lol!


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