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Thursday, May 6, 2010


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You know those days, when you ask yourself why? Why did I get up today? Why is this happening? Why am I here? Why do I bother? Why me? Why, why, why?!?! Well, lately I've been asking myself why~~~A LOT! Today, I actually got an answer.

I have a very challenging class this year. The kind of class that has me counting down the days until summer vacation. The kind of class that has me purposely scheduling my doctor appointments in the middle of the day so that I have to take the whole day off. The kind of class that has drastically increased my use of Tylenol and tequila. The kind of class that has me trying to remember why it was that I ever wanted to be a teacher.

This afternoon I was walking from my class to the main office, which is about a two block walk, when a little girl I had in my class a few years ago fell into step beside me. Well, she was one of those students that always had me asking the very same why questions. I had to make myself take a deep breath and listen as she started talking because I really just wanted her to go away.

This little girl didn't ask me a why question. She asked a what question~"Do you know what I wrote in my journal today?" I half heartily smiled at her and pretended to be interested as I returned her question with a simple mumbled one word answer/question "what?"

Her whole face lit up with a smile as she said, "I wrote about you and how much fun we had in your class. I still remember how we used to make things on Friday."

She kept talking and told me about some of the different things we did and made. Then this little girl who had me doing a happy dance every time she stayed home from school said, "It was my best year."

She made me remember why.


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