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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Vacation Day 49

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We made the hike to Rainbow Falls before the rainy days, so the water level was low.  It was still beautiful though!

I had fun on the hike up as I asked other people we saw on the trail if they knew where the elevator was or if they would an Uber to take me the rest of the way up.

When we stopped to rest (which was more often than I want to admit!), I told everyone that passed us that I was personally sitting on every rock I found so that I could tell future hikers which ones were comfortable and OK to rest on.  I tried to convince them that it really was for the good of the park.  Mostly, they just laughed at me!

This waterfall gets it's name from the multiple rainbows that form on days when the water is full and the sun hits it just right.  I've seen photos that other hikers have taken with the rainbows and I am telling you it is BEAUTIFUL!

It was also on this trail that I met my "hiking soulmates"!  We walked up on two older ladies who were photographing one of the small cascades in the river along the trail.  They declared that they were too tired to go any further, but were going to show their husbands who had declared they would never make the whole hike, that this was the waterfall and that it was much bigger in person.  We laughed with them for a few minutes before moving on.  They must have followed through with their plan, because we didn't see them again.  LOL!

This hike is a little over 5 and a half miles round trip.  We were on our way back to the car when we came upon a couple that had stopped along the trail for a rest and snack.  They asked us how much further they had to go before reaching the waterfall.  We had to give them the heart breaking news that they still had about two miles to go.  The poor guy looked at us and said, "You mean we've only come half a mile?"

I felt his pain!


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