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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I didn't think it could get worse!

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So, remember my story about how bad we were at Secret Santa at my school?   Well, it gets worse.....
You should see us trying to do a scavenger hunt!

It all started after school a couple of weeks ago when several of us were debating how big our lottery winning  jackpot would need to be in order to quit our jobs. (I think you would be surprised at just how low the amount is!  LOL!)  Anyway, an idea for a scratch off ticket scavenger hunt was born!

20 one dollar tickets were bought and it was decided that we would hide four a day to spread the fun out over this last week before vacation.

I got to school extra early and hid the tickets the sent out this email to everyone:

Good morning Everyone,

Santa was here and saw our hard work.
But he could tell that some of us have a Christmas "itch"
So he decided to give us something to "scratch"!
Thanks to some mischievous elves,
You'll have to look for each gift yourselves.
Today the magic number is four
And each day this week there will be four more.
Have fun, be safe and play fair
This shouldn't cause you to pull out your hair!
Please, let us know what you find.
Maybe you'll get lucky and it will be a gold mine!

Here are your clue for today:

1: We seem to have lost an Elf.  He went to a party over the weekend and had quite a few...ummm...well, you can figure that part out.  The last time we saw him, he was hanging with our hostess.  Getting through this week will probably be a real challenge for him!

2:  Hopefully, the wayward Elf will find comfort in the fact that there are only FIVE days left.  Here's to hoping that time FLIES!

3: Maybe, we should tell that wayward Elf to just lounge around today.  Maybe he can get his ZEN on!

4: If that doesn't work, he can just do what we all would like to do.....GO HOME EARLY!

That's all you get for today!  Now get to hunting!

Love from Santa's favorite Elves,
Donna, Ginger and Heather

Now, I know these clues don't mean anything to you, but they should have meant something to the people I work with!  OK, so clue #2 was probably too vague, but one of the Elves teaches fifth grade and the ticket was hidden behind a clock/timer in her room.  They should have been able to figure that out!

Absolutely, no one showed up in her room looking for the ticket!  I had to send out another clue later in the day.

Clue #1 lead people to the room of a teacher that hosted a kick-ass party Friday night.  (Remind me to tell you about that later!)  On one of her shelves, in plain sight, is a trivia challenge game and I hid the ticket under that box.

Our fourth grade teachers were working as a team and they made it to her room, but couldn't figure out what to do once they got there.  They ended up leaving her room and coming to find me for clarification.  They wanted to know if they were supposed to go through her personal things.  LOL!  Of course, I told them to take her wallet and run down the sidewalk yelling, "I found the prize!"

I let them know that they may have to slide something over or pick things up to look underneath, but that was as intrusive as they needed to get.  They headed back to her room in search of that ticket and after only one more phone call to my room they found it.

Clue #3 lead people to the teacher's lounge where I hid the ticket under one of those rock/water Zen garden thingies and clue #4 lead everyone to a clipboard in the front office where we sign out if we're leaving campus early.

Before the last ticket was found, I had three phone calls and four face to face conversations asking for more clues.  The other teachers involved went through the same thing.

The best conversation involved a teacher on my own grade level...

HER:  What's this about a scratch?
ME: (laughing) What?
HER:  You sent the email.  You have an itch?
ME:  (still laughing)  OK, you have to use the clues and go find something.
HER:  Our clue is that you have an itch and need to scratch something!
ME: (hysterically laughing)  You didn't read the whole email!  You have to read the whole email!
HER: Oh, I didn't think about that.

Anyway, before the day was over all the tickets found.  Sadly, everyone is still poor because none of them were winners.

I'll let you know how day two goes.  LOL!


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