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Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer Vacation...Day 2

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With a few exceptions, today was a repeat of yesterday.  Again, it was awesome!

I woke up 5 minutes earlier today than I did yesterday, refused to get out of bed and fell back to sleep for another 30 minutes.

I thought about doing some laundry, but decided against it once I realized I had enough clean pajamas to get through several more days.

Once again I emptied out the DVR and watched Netflix.  (There were new shows that recorded after I watched everything yesterday.)

Once again I heard from friends that were out in the world wearing real clothes and doing stuff while I was at home in my pjs.

I made some more word.  5 whole more pieces of word art ready to post.  LOL!

I actually turned the oven on and put some chicken in to cook.  I burned it just like I would do on any other day.  So, OCG went out and got food for us.

When I refused to shower and get dressed to go out to eat, OCG once again asked what it was going to take to get me to rejoin the world and I once again replied, "ROAD TRIP!"

 I watched the Red Nose Day special and donated money, but apparently I didn't donate enough because I didn't get to talk to anyone famous.  OCG said it was about the kids and not about me.  He's so mean!

Now that I've written this post, I"m off to read some more from the trashy novel I started yesterday.


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