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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

More words of wisdom for you....

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Since you guys appreciated my hot chocolate advice so much here's a little more for you...

If the kids in your class refuse to take the ball they are playing with into the grassy area of the playground TRUST that there is a reason.

DO NOT insist that they go into the grassy area and then go there to play with them just to prove that it's OK and nothing bad is going to happen.

Because if you don't trust the kids in your class when they say it's not safe in the grassy area YOU will be the one going back to class with a little something special on the bottom of your shoe.  Then, when you take your shoe off to clean it the kids will laugh at you and tell you that your socks are weird.

They won't care that the socks are Ralph Lauren socks or that you paid a lot of money for them.  They will just point and laugh!


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