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Saturday, August 13, 2011

My kind of day!

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I love it when you guys email me. It always gets my day off to a good start! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to brighten up mine!

I hit up the mall today and did some serious tax free shopping. FUN!

After shopping I hit up Dairy Queen for a small blizzard. I was really embarassed when I reached into my purse and one of the socks I had stuck in there fell out. There was a lady standing behind me who laughed and pointed out that "someone's been shoe shopping!" Helped to add humor to the moment. lol!

Shopping was fun until I got to the grocery store. Had a great cashier and the guy bagging my items was funny. He was putting my things into the two bags I brought, but he was kind of slow. I was all checked out and the cashier had started ringing up the items of the person behind me. I grabbed the last couple of things that weren't bagged yet and threw them into the first bag that was already in the cart.

The guy's English wasn't very good, but he knew the word 'poison'. So, he very nicely and kind of loudly said, "That bag is poison. Everything in that bag is poison." LOL! He had separated my food items from the non-food items and was trying to let me know that I had put the peanut butter and Cheetos in the bag with the laundry detergent, aspirin and air freshener.

I thanked him and assured him that it would be Ok while trying to get out of there before people actually started believing I had purchased a bag full of poison. lol!


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