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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chili Peppers QP

Download wordart here

I've been so busy trying to get things done today that time has just flown by. I sure do wish I could add an extra day to this weekend. LOL!

My friends and I went out for dinner and had a nice relaxing night. I needed it after the stress of the past couple of days and because of the stress that I know next week will bring.

I took some time to play with April's Chili Peppers Kit today and I decided that April and I just can't be friends anymore. Seriously! She used actual peppers from her garden to make this kit. Now, I have to ask you, is it fair that she has artistic ability and a green thumb? I think not! LOL! OK, so I guess I am being a Drama Queen today. LOL!

Anyway, I figured it was the perfect kit to show off how hot I think George Clooney is just in case you have somehow missed the fact that I am totally in love with him. I saved the LO as a quick page and the download link is under the picture. I wasn't sure if you would want the writing on your page or not so I saved the wordart separately and you can download it too.

Download QP here
Download wordart here

I told April that the colors in this kit match the new paint in my class room wonderfully. You'll see what I'm talking about next week when the kids start school and I take some pictures.

Come back and visit me tomorrow for another awesome quick page made with April's graphics and don't forget to look for my blog on digifree.

I'm heading to bed now. Enjoy your day!

What a day!

Download wordart here

So, Kindergarten Orientation was unlike any that we've ever had before! Since the main campus is still undergoing remodeling construction the parents came right to the classrooms. The list of students we had in our class did not match the letters that went home to parents. So, all of my pretty nametags were useless! We were able to laugh it off and not concern or upset parents. I had a room FULL of parents and if I'm lucky about 5 of them will actually have a kid in my room. LOL! Monday should be interesting!

I'm going to bed now. Enjoy your day!


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