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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cute guys, elevators and me...

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My Friday morning started when I followed two cute guys out to the parking garage. One was in his nice business suit and the other was in his doctor scrubs. They held the elevator for me so I had to get on with them. Business Suit Guy pushes the button for the third level and Doctor Scrubs Guy pushes the button for the fourth level. I laughed and pushed the button for the fifth level.

As soon as the elevator door closed I remembered that I was actually parked on the third level. I didn't want to admit that I had pushed the wrong button so I just stood and told each guy to have a nice day as he exited the elevator and I rode up to the fifth level. After getting off the elevator I took the stairs back down to the third level to get to my car.

I should have just taken the stairs like I always do. I have a history of embarrassing myself when I'm on an elevator with a cute guy. I should have known I was doomed getting on with two cuties!


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