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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Day one of my summer vacation...

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Today was the first day of summer vacation and I wasted every minute of it and it was wonderful!

I woke up at the time I'm usually arriving at work.  That means I got an extra hour of sleep!  By this time next week, I hope I"m sleeping an hour or two later than I slept today.

I watched everything that was on my DVR.  Don't ask me how many hours that took!  LOL!

I ate some left over pizza.

I thought about running errands, but decided against it once I realized that meant getting dressed.

I made some new word art.  I've been so bad lately, that if I hadn't done that today would have been my last post!  Right now, we're good for another couple of weeks and if I have a spurt of energy tomorrow I may get some more done.

I checked Facebook and saw that all my friends were at the beach or eating in restaurants or shopping at the mall.  Those poor fools actually got dressed today!

I got a message from school that looked like it might lead to some work so I decided to ignore it.  I'll check it out some time around the end of July.

I talked on the phone and texted with a couple of my friends as they were out in the world doing things and I was lying on my very comfortable couch.

I watched Netflix.  Again, don't ask me how long I was watching!

I had OCG ask what it was going to take to get me off the couch and I replied, "Road trip!"  He didn't seem to think I was being serious.  We'll see how he feels tomorrow when he finds me in the same spot on the couch!

I showered and put on a clean pair of pajamas.  The pair I was wearing all day, had a pizza sauce stain on them because it's not easy to eat pizza while lying on the couch.

I set up my new printer that arrived last week and has been sitting in the unopened box in the hallway.

I wrote up this post and read from a completely trashy novel that was so bad it was good.

Today was an amazingly wonderful day and I plan to be just as lazy tomorrow.  Heck, I'll probably be even lazier because I don't have anymore printers to set up.  LOL!


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