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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Story of Me

I've finished the fifth day of Camp Nanowrimo and have finally gotten over ten thousand words written. There's still a long way to that 50,000 word goal!

This book is called The Story of Me and it's sad. REALLY, really sad! I don't want to confuse you with parts of this story and The Day Ginger Snapped so I won't give you too much of the actual stroy line.....yet. I will share this line with you though.....

My mother had given me away. She gave me away on Valentine’s Day
and she had used a sheet of notebook paper to sign over her rights.

See, I told you it was sad!

I think that's why the writting is going so slow for me. It's hard to write sad stuff and I have to keep taking breaks.

So far, there aren't very many nice people in this book. Many of the characters have names that match the ones you guys have suggested. There's a Lily, Stephen, Irene, Clara, Harmony, Pat, Anniston, Chase, Clara, Mortimer and a Harvey. I've also used the last names, MacDougal, Van Ingen, Phillips and Cotton. I may have used some first names as last names, but I used them.

There are more characters coming and their names have been picked so I'll let you know when they enter into the plot.

Now, don't be too impressed if I've used your name or a name you suggested because like I said---not very many nice people so far. lol!

The fun part is how supportive everyone who is doing this has been. Everyone is sharing ideas and offering support. They're all nicer than the characters in my story are. lol!


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