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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Vacation Day 20 & a request from Sebastian's mom

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So, the world really is in a mess, isn't it?

On Saturday, my friends and I were playing a stupid game where you only tell the last line of a story.  The line that summarizes everything.  Our only rule was that it had to be something that really happened.  I'm not sure why we started doing this.....ok, there were drinks involved.

It was so much fun!  It's funny how only hearing one line of a story can make people laugh so hard......ok, that may have been the drinks. 

I'll actually protect my friends  and not give away any of their story lines.  Mostly because I would like for them to continue being my friends!

I started out simple and with obvious story lines...

And that's why no one lets me cook anymore.

And that's why you don't mess with a teacher on a Sunday night.

But then, my stories got better!  Actually I had two of the best.....

And that's why he shouldn't have responded to my stalking threat with a friend request.

And that's how I became Facebook friends with a homeless person.

Yes, sadly, those are the true summary lines of how I made two of my Facebook friends.  Honestly, just telling the summary lines makes the real story sound so much more interesting than it really is.  LOL!

Sunday morning, OCG and I drove for three hours to meet up with some old friends of his that had been vacationing on  the other coast of Florida.  We met them for a late breakfast.  The restaurant was crowded and everyone was happy.  We sat there with them for almost two hours talking and listening to the guys catch up and retell old college stories.  Then, we parted ways.  They had their car packed up and were ready to start driving home.  OCG and I also decided to head for home.  He had some important things to do.  I just wanted to put my pajamas back on and take an afternoon nap.

As we drove, both ways, we kept the radio on a Sirius country station.  No commercial breaks!  LOL!  Plus every time we go to Tennessee I only listen to country for some reason.  Since I'm still enjoying the memories from our Memphis trip and already looking forward to our Gatlinburg trip in a few weeks I wanted country music!

When we finally got back home in the late afternoon, he took off to do whatever it was he needed to do and I immediately changed into my pajamas.  I plopped down on the couch with my ipad and phone and TV remote and blanket and pillow and was ready to spend the rest of the day there.  I sent a quick text to one of my friends and she responded by telling me that was at a blood donation center and had been there for hours.

I thought that was so strange.  I wondered what had made her decide to give blood and why it was taking so long.  Please keep in mind that I haven't donated blood since I was in high school and passed out after doing so.  I'm so weird though that I didn't pass out right away.  I passed out a couple of hours after donating because I just can't seem to do things like everyone else!

Anyway, I threw the phone to the side, threw the blanket over myself and turned on the TV.  For some reason, the news was on at a weird time of day.  I changed channels only to find more news.

That was the first I heard of the Orlando shootings.  50 believed dead and more than that believed wounded.  They showed people crying and others standing in line waiting to donate blood.  Apparently, Orlando wasn't the only city in Florida with lines at the blood donation centers.  I watched what I could stand to watch before switching to something on Netflix.

I grabbed my Ipad and decided read some mindless celebrity gossip on TMZ to avoid the ugliness of the real word.  Even TMZ had reports of the shooting.  I couldn't help myself, I read the updates before moving on to the gossip that really didn't interest me anymore.

I moved on to Facebook which was also full of posted links with stories about the shooting, people voicing their opinions on gun control and politics and I cried.

I couldn't help myself, I just cried.  I don't live in Orlando.  I don't know any of the people involved and it happened at a place I would never go.  But, it happened.  It happened and people died.

People who had probably spent most of Saturday with their friends telling funny stories and playing made up games just like I had done with mine.  People who probably had plans for their Sunday, even if it was just lying around on their couch like I wanted to do on mine.

People.  They were people and they died.  No matter what you think or what you believe.  They were people.

I decided to stick with Netflix and avoid the depressing news.

Right before I went to bed my phone dinged with a Facebook notification.  I checked to see what it was and Sebastian's mom had tagged me in a post she made about people sending cards to Hallee Sorenson for her birthday.  She hopes we'll all send Hallee cards.

Now, you guys probably already know Hallee's story because you're more on the ball about things like this than I am.  She's autistic and no one showed up for her birthday party last year.  Her cousin posted her story and asked for birthday cards.  She has already received a ton of cards, but wouldn't it be nice if she got some more?

If you can, please send her a card!  I know that Sebastian and his mom have sent one and mine is going out in tomorrow's mail.

By the way, Sebastian just celebrated his 10th birthday!  Seriously, how does that happen?  Just yesterday he was five and in my class.  Is it wrong that I want to keep him little forever?

 I love that kid!

Now, if you're still reading this post, I need to ask for some good thoughts.  I'm waiting for some news and if you guys wouldn't mind sending out some good vibes for me, I would really appreciate it!


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