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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Day Ginger Snapped part 26

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We sat at a small table in a little greasy spoon diner and ordered sandwiches.
The waitress brought our drinks and walked away to wait on another table. I looked at Jeremy and smiled because I just didn’t know what to say.

Jeremy smiled back as he began to talk. “It’s good to see you, but I have to say that I really wasn’t sure about talking to you on the bus.”

“Welcome to my world! It’s kind of scary starting up a conversation with someone you haven’t seen in years.”

“It wasn’t the conversation I was worried about. It was wondering how I would be portrayed on YouTube that bothered me.”

“What do you mean? How would you end up on YouTube?”

“Well, the skits….Oh my God! You don’t know about the skits do you?” Jeremy laughed so loud that the other diners turned to stare at us. “There’s a group of college kids that are following your friend's blog and then re-enacting your stories and placing the videos on YouTube. It’s hysterical!”

“I’m on YouTube?” I sat frozen to my seat as I felt the tears build up in my eyes.

“Well, you’re not on YouTube, but there’s someone playing you in these skits. They’re really funny and have gotten like a bazillion hits.”

I placed my elbows on the table and dropped my face into my hands. “How did my life get to be such a mess?”

I felt Jeremy’s hand on my arm as he said, “Ginger, I’m really sorry. I was just surprised that you didn’t know. They’re so popular right now that I can’t believe you haven’t seen or even heard about them.”

I lifted my head and moved my hands to my lap. “Who are these kids and why are they doing this to me?”

“I don’t think they mean any harm. They’re just young and that’s what the kids do these days. They put things on YouTube.” Jeremy shrugged as he spoke.

“But how did they even know about me?”

Jeremy looked at me in surprise as he asked, “You know about the blog, right?”

“I am going to kill Brent. I mean it. I am going to really and seriously kill him and I’m going to do it slowly and painfully.” I said as I punched Brent’s number into my phone and waited for him to answer.

Jeremy looked at me with a blank stare as I left a very unfriendly voicemail message for Brent. I exhaled loudly as I hit the end button and threw the phone back in my purse. I looked at Jeremy and practically screamed, “Seriously? YouTube?”

Jeremy had a slight smile on his face as he said, “You know that phone call is probably going to be the subject of the next video.”

I looked back and forth between Jeremy and the phone in my purse several times before saying, “Oh crap!”

Jeremy laughed again and I wanted to cry. I finally pulled myself together and said, “Well, you know all about what I’ve been doing. What have you been up to?”

“Nothing as exciting as what you’ve been doing. I can’t believe you’re traveling around looking up old boyfriends.”

“Trust me, it’s more depressing than exciting.” I tired to smile. “So, are you married?”

Jeremy nodded his head, “No, not anymore. I was married once for about five years, but we were young and it didn’t work out. I was trying full time to be an actor and she got tired of being the only responsible one in the relationship. We went our own ways and she has remarried and seems to be really happy.”

“So, you stay in touch with her?”

“Not really, she still lives in the area so every now and then we’ll run into each other.” Jeremy explained.

“No girlfriend? I asked.

“No. I mean I date every now and then, but there’s no one serious in my life right now. I’m not considered a good catch.”

We both laughed and it felt good and natural. I looked at his handsome face and perfect body and wondered about the girls he dated and why they didn’t consider him a good catch.

“What do you mean, you’re not a good catch? I would think most girls would be proud to be seen with you.”

“Well, thanks for the compliment. I think my looks get me some dates, but the minute they find out that I drive a tourist bus and live in a small studio apartment while hoping to get my big acting break the girls are pretty much over it.”

I laughed. Maybe the girls had a point, but he was such a nice guy I couldn’t understand why he hadn’t found someone else. I wondered about what else was going on in his life.

“Sounds like you’re dating the wrong girls to me. Trust me, I know a thing or two about dating the wrong people.”

Jeremy laughed again as he asked, “So, tell me, am I going to get a tally mark on the loser side of the board?”

I looked at him as I pretended to consider the question. “Well, I don’t know. Have you been in prison?”


“Do you still live with your parents?”


“Are you now or have you ever been married to a stripper, slash mean girl, slash religious freak?”


“Well, then I would say you’re definitely one of the best ex boyfriends I’ve got.”

We both laughed.

“Why would you think you belong on the loser side of the board? Is there some big secret you’re keeping?”

“No, no big secret. It’s just that I know driving a bus isn’t really considered a great job and I’ve been out here since I was in my late twenties trying to become a famous actor. I’ve had some small parts on TV and in some movies that no one remembers, but nothing that would make me qualify as a full time actor. I’ve even done some modeling for print ads. I drive the bus because the hours are flexible and I can go to auditions. Plus, I think it’s a great background story for when I do hit the big time. One day, I’ll live in one of those mansions and the bus that I used to drive will come by.”

I was a little worried that he was in his forties and still holding on to his childhood dream so I asked, “Have you ever thought about giving up and just doing something else?”

“Of course I have, but I’m happy and I like what I’m doing. Besides, the next audition just may be THE audition. Know what I mean?”

I smiled. “I do know and I’m happy for you.”


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