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Sunday, May 10, 2009

An award and a freebie

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Dianna of Digicats gave me a couple of awards a few days ago and I'm just getting around to thanking her. Sorry, Dianna! Anyway here's the first award...

I'm going to pass this award on to the following bloggers...

April of April the Scrapaholic
Deanna of Flower Scraps
DeeDee of DeeDee's Craft Spot
Nita of Nita's Things
Shel of Shel Belle Scraps
Shirley of xashee's corner

You girls rock!

I'll post the other award tomorrow.

I got new shoes today!

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Actually, what I got is more flip flops. Three pairs of them. LOL! You can never have too many flip flops.

I've lost my resort pass again. I used it in the mail room on Wednesday to pick up a package and haven't seen it since. The problem is that I only remember that I've lost it at weird times, like now and when I need to get inside the security gate or when I'm locked out of the building. LOL!

Luckily, the guards on the back gate know me pretty well and let me in. It pays to be nice to them! LOL! So far, there's only been one time that I needed to get in the building and had to wait for someone to come along. Thank goodness the wait wasn't long! A cute guy in a Kinko's shirt was on his way out and held the door for me. Thank you, Kinko's guy!

Anyway, tomorrow's project is to try and find the pass. Wish me luck! If you've got any ideas on where I should look, I'd love to hear them! LOL!

April has got a pretty set in her store called Heavenly Hybiscus. We've been taking pictures of the kids at school for our end of year luau party so I played with her kit a little today...

I also used Flowerscraps portion of A Mother's Moment blog train to scrap one of my London pictures. This statue was in the Imperial War Museum. There was a whole section devoted to the children of World War II. It was a very sad and beautiful part of the museum. There was a gentleman there that had been a child in London during the war. He was with his grandchildren and was pointing things out to them and sharing his memories. His stories actually had my friend Susan and I in tears.

In honor of Mother's Day, Shel Belle Scraps is releasing the first part of a kit today called Mother's Love. It's a beautiful kit with nice soft colors. I used some of the background papers from it to scrap another London Picture. This one was taken in Harrods Department Store and is a statue honoring Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed.

Here's a preview of the kit for you to see. Now make sure you go visit Shel to pick it up!

OK, everyone, give my friend Dianna of Digicats a big hand. She is now selling her tagger size kits at Stargazer Scraps! Go check it out! She's got a Mother's Day sell going on now.

Now, I've got an exra freebie for you today in honor of my new flip flops. LOL! Have you ever seen anyone so excited over flip flops?

Download here

I'm going to bed now. Enjoy your day!


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