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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Day Ginger Snapped part 17

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When we reached the dining room the robot family was lined up
and waiting for us. Kyle announced that we were ready to eat and
there were more bows and curtsies. Reba and the girls took off
through a door on one side of the room and the boys had a seat at
the table.

Kyle still had my hand so he led me to the table. He took the seat
at the head of the table and instructed me to sit next to him since I
was their 'honored guest'. The two boys took seats beside each
other and across from me. There was some bread on the table and
everyone has a glass of milk sitting by their plate.

A set of double doors opened and Reba walked into the room
carrying a large dish with some kind of casserole in it. She was
followed by the two girls who were each carrying a plate. The tallest
girl held a large salad and the shorter one had a pie of some sort.

They each placed their dishes on the table in front of Kyle
who smiled at them in return. Without saying a word the girls found a
seat at the table. Reba took the chair sitting opposite of Kyle and the
girls were on the side of the table with me

Kyle held his hands out on the table and cleared his throat.
Everyone, except for me, took that as a sign to hold hands and get
ready for a blessing. I sat there like an idiot until the little girl that was
sitting next to me exhaled rather rudely and grabbed my hand. I
apologized to everyone and took Kyle's hand. I lowered my head and
tried not to fall asleep while Kyle gave a twenty minute blessing over
food that was getting colder by the second. Apparently, these people
don't mind eating cold casserole.

Once Kyle had finally finished he raised his head and let go of my
hand. I was really glad because the blood could start circulating to it
once again. The robot family followed Kyle's lead. No one said a
word. They stopped holding hands after Kyle did. They placed their
napkins in their laps after Kyle did the same with his.

Kyle picked up the salad bowl and put some on his plate then
passed it to his son. He did the same thing with the casserole and
bread. No one spoke until Kyle said, "While we're filling our plates
why don't you children introduce yourselves to Miss Granger."

The older boy started, "My name is Abraham and I am fifteen."

"My name is Jeremiah and I'm thirteen."

"My name is Rebekah and I'm eleven."

"My name is Ruth and I'm nine years old."

"Well, it's certainly nice to meet all of you, My name is Ginger and I
am a scorpio." I thought I was being funny, but I was the only one that

After the last plate had been placed back on the table Kyle picked
up his fork and started eating. All the good little robots followed his
lead. I followed theirs. The food tasted awful. The casserole was
bland and had no seasoning. There wasn't even any dressing on the
salad. No wonder Kyle said such a long blessing. He was trying to
avoid having to eat this crap!

Kyle finally broke the silence, "Well, family, what would you like to
discuss tonight?"

Little Ruth spoke up first, "Daddy, is your friend, Miss Granger
going to burn in hell.?"

I coughed and salad actually fell out of my mouth and back onto my
plate. I looked at the kid who was smiling at me like she had just
found the Golden Ticket or something. I waited for Kyle to come to
my rescue, but it was Jeremiah who spoke up first.

"Mother says she has the devil in her for sure."

I looked at Reba who was eating her meal and pretending she
hadn't heard anything her rotten little kids had said.

Kyle laughed at his "precocious" children and assured them that
everyone has a little devil in them and we must all learn to control it.

"Excused me, Miss Granger, may I ask you a question?" Rebekah
asked all innocence and smiles.

I was glad to have someone being nice to me so I said, "Of course,
you may ask me anything at all."

"How long have you been a harlot?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" I screamed at her. There were gasps from everyone at the table because I had used the 'h word'. "Kyle, are you really going to just sit there and let your family treat me this way?"

"Ginger, please calm down. The children didn't mean any harm.
After dinner, you and I can spend lot of time together, alone, praying
for your eternal soul. I'm sure God will forgive you your sins just as he
has forgiven everyone else in the world. You just need to ask. I can
help." Kyle had that dirty look in his eyes again.

I looked around the table at everyone, Abraham had a smile on his
face. I think he was actually enjoying his dinner. The other children
looked horrified. I'm sure they still haven't recovered form hearing the
'h word'. Kyle was staring at me with pure lust in his fake blue eyes
and Reba was sending me death ray glares.

I stood up and calmly dropped my napkin on the table. "Reba,
thank you so much for cooking such a tasteless mean. Now I don't
have to feel guilty about walking out on it."

I walked away from the table as fast as I could and headed right for
the elevator and my shoes. I didn't even take the time to put them
back on. I just grabbed them in my hands and ran into the elevator as the door opened.

Just as the door was closing, Kyle jumped on with me.

"Kyle, so help me God, if you say one word about praying I will
throw these shoes at you."

"Ginger, please forgive my children. Reba is a very strict parent
and I'm afraid my children only see things in black and white. Either
you are in our church or you're going to hell."

"The joke is on you, Kyle. Your life is a living hell and you're too
dumb to notice!"

Kyle moved closer to me and tried to pin me against the elevator
wall. He mumbled something about wanting me to 'talk dirty to him',
so I kicked him between his legs as hard as I could. When he fell
onto the floor, I threw one of my shoes and hit him on the head.

The elevator door opened and the nice guy who works the front
desk was standing there. He looked at me with pity on his face.
Then, he was Kyle huddled in the corner with his hands on the family
jewels, crying like a baby and he looked back at me with respect in his eyes.

He held out his hand for me to take and helped me out of the
elevator and walked me outside. Once we were out of Kyle's hearing
range he laughed and said that he could just kiss me. Then he asked
if he could call a cab for me. I asked him to just point me in the
direction of the closest bar. He pointed down the street and I took off.

I needed a Margarita like I had never needed one before!


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