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Thursday, July 12, 2012

And the punishments continue.....

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You guys, I may seriously be in some real trouble here! Apparently, the universe is still angry about my phony celebrity sightings the other night cause I'm still being punished and I'm starting to get scared. It was bad enough when I was double teamed by the universe and my insurance company, but it got downright spooky when the universe teamed up with the ghost that is fascinated with my bathroom.

Remember the ghost that flushed the toilet while I was in the shower and then left without cooking me breakfast? Well, it's back! At least it was back last night at around 10:30 PM. Guess what it was doing? FLUSHING the toilet repeatedly. I'm not kidding! I stood in the bathroom and watched and listened as the toilet flushed itself over and over. I was freaking out!

My first thought was, "OMG! I have to call somebody!"
My second thought was, "OMG! I can't call anyone cause my bathroom is too messy!"
My third thought was, "OMG! I'm getting out of here!"

So, I get out of my pajamas and back into real clothes, put on some flip flops, empty the bathroom trashcan, pick up the dirty clothes that I never should have left lying in the floor and take off in search of help. At this point, the toilet has probably been flushing itself repeatedly for close to five minutes.

I get my neighbor and try to explain to him what is going on in my bathroom and he thinks I'm crazy. He thought I had water that was just running into the toilet and said that it could wait until the next day. I frantically tried again to explain that it wasn't just a little water. The stupid thing flushed itself then filled back up with water and flushed itself again over and over. I said it was like someone was there pushing the handle to flush the toilet over and over but that there was NO ONE there!

He reluctantly came back with me to check things out. Guess what happened when we walked into bathroom? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The toilet was no longer flushing itself. It was just sitting there acting all innocent and my neighbor gave me a mean look.

I swore that it really had been going crazy and flushing itself. He walked over and flushed it and waited for it to fill back up. After it did that he flushed it again and again he waited while it filled back up. Both times the toilet did exactly what it was supposed to do. My neighbor looked at me and said, "It seems to be working just fine now."

My neighbor went back home and I stuck my tongue out at the toilet. Then I walked out and closed the bathroom door so the toilet would be all alone. I also closed the door because I was still scared and didn't want to see what the toilet did next.

Today was day two of the three day workshop I'm attending and we were in class working hard when we discovered that the state had released school grades and everything came to a sudden stop. We all cheered and teared up a little when one of the principals in the room discovered that her school had gone from and "F" to a "B" and was so overcome with excitement and pride that she started crying.

Our instructor pulled up the DOE website and showed it on the screen while she searched for other school grades. I asked her to please check my school and was almost speechless when she said that we were an "A". You see we weren't expecting to get an "A". We had all worked as hard as we could and so had the kids, but we thought we were looking at something closer to a "C". The three other teachers from my school and myself looked up at the screen and saw our school name with the big beautiful "A" beside it and went crazy!

We pulled out our phones and started calling people! I called the school office and put the phone on intercom so we could all talk and hear what they said. We were so happy.....and then we weren't!

Another teacher came over to me and said, "You guys didn't get an A, you got a C. We all practically bit her head off and pointed to the screen to show her the big beautiful "A" that was there. She pointed out the county name at the top and it wasn't Dade County.

The instructor had pulled up the school scores for the wrong county!

So, somewhere in the state of Florida there is another Greynolds Park Elementary and that school stole our "A"!

I get the universe being angry with me cause of the fake celebrity sightings, but why did it have to punish the other teachers I was with today? They didn't do anything wrong!

I'm trying to remember how many people I lied to other night so that I can figure out how much longer I'm going to be punished and, well, I think I'm in big trouble! This may go on for awhile!


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