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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello, my poor neglected blog readers...

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I know I need to do a better job of boring you with stories from my day, but lately I've been extra busy and extra tired.

The three day weekend was awesome and Orange Croc Guy is officially back. He'll still go to New Jersey once a month and will probably spend time there again next summer, but he just couldn't stay away. Miami is a part of him now. This city has a way of doing that to people.

I picked him up at the airport over the weekend and I even wore make up! I thought he would be impressed, but this is how the initial conversation went after our welcome home hug...

OCG: Are you wearing make up?

ME: I am! Aren't you impressed?

OCG: (after a long slow exhale of air) Does this mean we're going home to order fajitas?

ME: Well, I really hadn't thought about that, but I do look extra good today. So if you insist on having fajitas we can order them.

OCG: I don't want fajitas.

ME: Good cause our friends are cooking out and I promised we would join them.

OCG: Just take me home.

ME: Ok...and we can always order fajitas tomorrow.

My principal came into my room this afternoon while we were doing math. I called on one of the boys and he counted the objects on his paper and told the class there were 5 there. I teased him, the way I do, and said that I wasn't sure that was the right answer. This got the rest of the class to count and assure me that he had given the right answer. I then counted the objects myself and acted surprised that five was the correct answer.

I do this with my class more than I should and they always love that they got the right answer and I didn't. I guess they felt a little differently about it today since my principal was in the room, because when I admitted that they were right and I was wrong one little boy called out....


My principal got a good laugh out of that one! He also left my room so it was win win for me. lol!


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